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ASPIRE KITCHEN – aspiring for excellence in maintenance

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Aspire-1Operating manuals are written for a reason but many users disregard it, thinking that instructions of maintenance are not as necessary as they are made out to be. However, it is one of the biggest mistakes any user can commit when it comes to keeping a piece of equipment running for the long haul, says Logen, founder of Aspire Kitchen. He also says that one of the most common problems of breakdown is due to users splashing water onto the machine, which is absolutely preventable if the correct steps in cleaning and maintenance was taken.

Having had a decade plus of experience in service management, Logen founded Aspire Maintenance 10 years ago and in 2013, it became Aspire Kitchen and carries out maintenance services all over Malaysia, including Sabah and Sarawak. As an independent service provider, it has the understanding on all equipments, regardless of the brand used by the restaurant. In order for operators to have immediate access to services, the company offers a maintenance package based on a customer’s requirement. This will ensure that operators do not have to worry as the team will be at their doorstep as scheduled. Operators can also choose to include major cleaning of equipment in the package on top of servicing. While the company carries spare parts for sale, customers are free to get their own spare parts and have the team assist to work on it. As for installation services, the team has the expertise to execute pipe connection equipment to the main power point.

The service company’s portfolio ranges across all food and beverage establishments , and is particularly involved in fast food joints. It has 6 service teams on stand-by to respond to ad-hoc calls and to ensure that customers are on track with their equipment maintenance program.

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