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bringing BEHIND-THE-SCENES to the fore

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For students in the culinary arts or hospitality, they would most likely have had to execute a gueridon service at some point of their studies. It simply means “trolley service” where food is cooked, finished or presented to the guest at a table from a moveable trolley. Most of the time, food is partially prepared and the final cooking step such as flambé, carving or plating finished in front of the guest. A small burner will equip the trolley alongside utilities such as cutting board, some sauces and other relevant tools to prepare the item. It is a balance of understanding food, maintaining friendly contact with the guest at the same time executing with confidence and hygiene. As time passed, the gueridon phased out probably due to lack of space and the limitations of food that can be prepared.

However, the idea of cooking in front of your guests is sparking off again and restaurants are able to bring the entire kitchen to the service area and prepare full course meals in front of guests. Technology has given chefs more flexibility to put on a great show with efficiency yet maintaining a comfortable environment.


BLANCO COOK mobile cooking system With clean air being an obvious concern, the BLANCO mobile unit ventilation system works by “cleaning” the fumes and releasing them into the environment as water, carbon dioxide and oxygen compared to stationary extractor hoods. Its multi-stage filter system separates grease then reduces moisture before activated charcoal filters bond the odour molecules. An optional addition, the Ion Tec filter technology also filters blue smoke from the extracted fumes. The mobile unit can be used for all times of service or cuisine types simply by fitting in the suitable modular table-top cooking units that heat up to 250 °C in just 4.5 minutes with the Ultracontact heating systems. At the same time, energy savings is possible as the surfaces of cook tops can be heated in three stages; basically heating only where it is needed. Options of modular cook tops include bain-marie, pasta cooker, deep fryer, hotplate, and griddle among others. As a kitchen on show must definitely be neat, BLANCO cook is designed with convenient multiframes that can hold GN containers for secondary activities like placing down the ladle or storage space. BLANCO COOK’s range encompasses three different models each for its two, three or four cooking units.



“Libero”, the Italian way of saying “free” sums up what this cooking line offers a chef – the ability to serve his guests anywhere and anytime, regardless of the cuisine type because fitting in the correct electric cooktop is all that is required. Like how chefs should be able to reach ingredients easily, the mobile stoves have two refrigerated drawers to maintain fresh ingredients while push-open neutral drawers can be added to make more space or storing of miscellaneous items. It keeps to its unobtrusive design with tilting side shelves that act as placements for utensils or dishes which can be folded down when not in use. In terms of ventilation technology, it applies a 3-step odour filtration that starts at the Labyrinth filter capturing larger particles of steam and grease, a metallic fine-mesh filter for smaller particles of grease and carbon activated filter absorbing steam and volatile particles from the cooking process. Libero Line supports up to 12 types of cooktops; even including a mini combioven that only needs water in its storage tank and plugged in to prepare all types of food like the regular sized combi-oven does.


A portable cooking solution, the entire set can be assembled without the use of any screws, disassembled and packed into its custom-made bag and the chef can move to his next location. Calling it the Lego of cooking, the German-born product is designed with modern oak-like textural finishes that complements the steel cooking tops. Flexibility is its point of attraction as it can be set up to fit any type of setting; be it individual cooking station to a full-fledge kitchen as well as double up as a dining table as its 97cm width is larger than a regular 76cm banquet table. Options of cooking tops include a teppan, induction stove, grill, Asian wok, hot plate, hot plate + chill and a pasta station while the sleek Airwall filters out cooking odours. It provides users with 3 sizes to choose from and customise according to their needs with the variety of cook tops. The height of the table makes it possible to place mobile holding cabinets or refrigerating units from other manufacturers.


RIEBER acs® 1600 O3
The mobile kitchen unit can be used as a singular unit at any location or joined together but operating as individual stations to form a complete buffet line able to serve food hot and fresh to customers. Positioned as the solution to “Serve where you would like to be seated)”, the patented aircleansystem (acs®) by Rieber suctions off all grease and odours right where they occur so that it does not interfere with the comfort of diners. Its extracting system cleans the air in two stages where high-performance grease separators (100% flame-proof) are installed in the left and right side walls with two removable grease collection trays on each side. On the substructure, there are lownoise radial fans, ozone generators that clear smells and four activated carbon filters. For efficiency of the aircleansystem (acs®), the components can be easily washed by hand or in the dishwasher. Key to mobile units is surely adaptability, hence individual components can be fitted into any of its kitchen types whether for catering or turning it into a Hybrid Kitchen by adding Rieber’s Thermoport food transport and regeneration equipment to make it a fully mobile method of transporting and cooking food in front of the customer.