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coffee & fresh ideas with FRANKE

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Having a discussion over a cup of java isn’t a new trend; the Turks kickstarted it with the first cafe (or coffeehouse) in Istanbul although certain factors such as environment, the
shift in working style and appreciation for coffee has definitely taken it to new heights. In line with our Cafe Culture Par t 2, we take a closer look at FRANKE’s ideas for Coffee Systems; one of its many solutions that desires to “Make It Wonderful” by making everyday life a little more special for its business partners and customers.

franke2More than a century old in the field and what began as stainless steel sink manufacturing is now a global business with five divisions, headquartered in Aarburg, Switzerland with 9,000 people employed in more than 72 subsidiaries in 37 countries. The late founder, Hermann Franke launched the world’s first fully welded, flush-mounted sink in 1938 and in 1939 he passed on with son Walter picking up on where he left off. Not long after, World War II hampered Franke’s production capabilities in a few major areas causing the business to suffer.

However, one could say that the company managed to build its reputation over the years and its breakthrough came between 1946 – 1949 when food service icon Ulrich Prager, founder of the “Mövenpick” brand (hotels, restaurants, premium retail food products) entrusted Franke to build complete kitchens. It was also Prager who led the owner family Pieper (currently in its 2nd
and 3rd generation) to enter the superautomatic coffee machine business which led to the development of Franke Coffee Systems.

For as many people who appreciate good coffee; the reality is, there are not enough professional baristas to go around the globe. And back in 1984, Franke already created a product for self-service establishments – a superautomatic with 2 grinders. The novelty of watching one’s coffee being made was also a star attraction but what about a bit of coffee ar t? “Swiss Mambo”
made its debut not long after as the world’s first superauto that comes with a milk foaming system. The industry starts embracing automation as staff cost and turnovers are the only thing constant yet businesses cannot serve one excellent cup of coffee today and a bad one tomorrow. There is still skill and knowledge to be applied when using full automation though – each
business owner should understand their customers’ taste preference and calibrate the specific parametres in the machine. The company holds to the principle of product usability and perfect-in-cup quality exhibited by clean and sleek external while parts are designed to be easily maneuvered and fitting like a glove on the entire machine.

franke3The A600 is a self-service machine lover’s dream come true. With its clearly understandable grid, customers tap to select their order, have the autonomy of selecting cup size and flavour; all on a 8-inch colour touchscreen with crystal clear resolution. Among the many features we could list; we’ll emphasise on the extraction as a good cup of coffee begins with this.

• Direct access to the coarseness settings in the ceramic grinder
• Patented brewing unit easily exchangeable without any tools
• 43 mm brewing unit for predominately single shot beverages and a perfect espresso
• 50 mm brewing unit for predominately two cups at once and for large cups
• Patented needle filter for predominately brewed coffee and single shot beverages

Its latest model A200 is designed for small to midsized establishments and is made for creativity to meet simplicity. Allowing specifics to the dot, you can choose whether to “use the Ethiopian wild coffee from the grinder on the left, or your favorite Ecuadorian arabica from the grinder on the right? How long to brew and how much milk?”So if you’re bringing in a Guatemalan brand next week or have an ingenious beverage concoction idea ; the A200 will be your creation companion!

Need to per fect an espresso the old fashioned way? Franke’s semiautomatics celebrates the art of service through its range of units that combine Italian design with technical sophistication:
• More stable brewing temperature with a unique heat exchanger
• Optimal extraction by reducing the portafilter diameter to 53 mm (from 58 mm) to achieve the ideal level of coffee grounds
• Greater freedom of design with ITC (Individual Temperature Control) to individually program the brewing temperature of each brewing group
• Best-quality foam with intelligent steam wand while autosteam function allows individually programming for foam consistency
• Intelligent menus, simple controls for pump and boiler pressure, and electronic support

The world’s reliance on technology is undeniable and Franke’s coffee systems can make you a cup of beverage as individually desired or how a barista would be able to make it. The consistency from a push of a button has garnered fans in the industry from budget to the luxe, as testified by these clients:

At Europe’s highest fine-dining restaurant, 10,000 feet above sea level; an optimum cup of coffee with milk foam is prepared by a FoammasterTM. Such level of efficiency with intuitive menu navigation system, consistency and quality coffee is only to be expected at places of such pedigree!

Franke equipped 450 outlets with the FoammasterTM to top off coffee with the per fect milk foam for its “Karuba Gold” coffee concept that serves customers wanting large, espresso-based milk drinks which has helped Kwik Trip’s average profit per cup to rise by 400%.

Vienna is closely associated with the historical spread of coffee across the Western world and this hotel was where the legendary chocolate cake was birthed – coffee and chocolate? Match made in heaven. The hotel has been using coffee machines from Franke for many years and continues with the FoammasterTM.

“Make It Wonderful”; the company’s business’ philosophy also underscores Franke’s wish to make its products still more attractive and userfriendly through innovation, product systems and exceptional service. With all divisions operating as a single brand with a consistent tone, Franke’s products are suitable for business partners to end consumers in its 5 divisions:

• Franke Coffee System:Coffee solutions for out of home coffee preparation comprising superautomatics, semiautomatics, capsule machines and brewers.
• Franke Food Service:Provider of comprehensive systems and services for the global foodservice industry
• Franke Beverage Systems:Provider of stainless steel kegs
• Franke Kitchen Systems:Kitchen sinks, kitchen faucets, hot and cold water filtration, undermount sinks and waste disposers.
• Franke Water Systems:Intelligent washroom solutions to the public, semi-public and commercial sector.
• Franke Industrie AG:Hot gas path parts, components and subassemblies in stainless steel, high-grade alloys and heat-resistant materials in gas turbines, aerospace & space.