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2254807_originalWhen a customer walks in – everything in the restaurant plays a role in projecting the restaurants’ outlook, theme and professionalism. Though very often, we can forgive that little stubborn stain on the seats or tablecloth, there is that one stain that will be frowned upon. The stain left over on your “supposedly” washed plates, cutleries and glass.

The thought that their plates, cutleries and glasses were washed haphazardly can bring the mind to imagine things much worse in the kitchen and create a sense of uneasiness when your customers are seated at the table. And even though you can switch and replace the stained crockeries, the damage is pretty much etched in their mind.

Dishwashing unit should now be considered as an essential commodity in the commercial kitchen. Many units can now wash a multitude of things used in the kitchen and are intelligent to the point of just pressing that few buttons compared to the backbreaking chore that a kitchen helper has been doing since the opening of the first restaurant. And with washing space and kitchen helpers dwindling throughout the years, an investment into one makes good business sense.

It is easy to operate while minimizing breakages, as the plates are not handled when they are wet and slippery, contributing to smooth operation process – plates are clean methodically and hygienically without supervision and at a reduced time therefore reducing costs. And having a dishwasher also automatically reduces your risks and hazards in a busy kitchen – water is contained in the unit, no more wet floors from water spills and contact with chemicals and detergents are kept to a minimum.

Old myths that a dishwasher wastes water, does not clean thoroughly, difficult to operate and has demanding energy needs are unfounded in today’s dishwashers. There are a few varieties in the market and your selection should be based on the kind of restaurants that you operate. Some brands have specialized models for certain type of wash items while some can generally take anything that can fit into the door of the unit.

The line-up of dishwashers is endless, so speak to a professional to get to know more before you make a selection.

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Key Account Manager, Winterhalter (M) Sdn Bhd
“Users should look at it not only in the operational sense, but of how it also helps project that professional and hygienic image for your customers. We believe that restaurants should look at how a dishwashing unit can help you – operationally, economically and esthetically as well”.