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DKSH offers one of the fastest growing industries a full range of hospitality equipment to hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, supermarkets, food manufacturers, fast-food chains and hospitals.

With over 1,370 specialists including more than 500 service engineers, DKSH serves a customer base of over 25, 000 companies. It operates in 18 countries from 80 business locations and is supported by more than 25 showrooms and demo labs.

Explain the intentions and how extensive DKSH’s package is. Our readers would like to know.

DKSH’s priority is to help customers develop their business, stay competitive and grow with tailored and integrated solutions. We provide a broad range of after-sales services to support customers’ enquires with high standards and fast solutions.
Our qualified specialists provide customer service, training, installation and preventive maintenance services, offering real added-value to our customers. Ultimately, we want our customers to be satisfied with their investment which covers the entire product life cycle. With our unique sourcing network around the world, we are able to provide solutions to both the value focused customer as well as the high-end focused customer, no matter how large or small the requirements.

In what ways do you make your customers feel good about carrying on business with DKSH?
We see ourselves as a customer-centric proactive partner. We help our customers to secure and increase market share, and grow their business through focusing on demand creation and meeting their needs by providing high-standard marketing and sales services and utilising state-of-thebart processes and technologies to improve our partners’ business performance for efficiency and profitability. With our integrated end-to-end solutions, all the necessary services and infrastructure from a single source, this means lower costs, enhanced transparency and greater accountability for all our partners.


In what ways do you make your services look and feel exclusive to every DKSH customer?
Our in-depth knowledge and experience, coupled with our aftersales services allow our clients to concentrate on their core competencies. We guarantee our customers quick and reliable support from installation and commissioning, quality assurance and control, preventive maintenance, spare parts supply, trainings and demonstrations, repair services and production process reviews to help them improve efficiency, capacity and quality. We apply our expertise and offer market insights proactively by constantly scanning the market for opportunities to help our customers to meet their goals and to grow.

The success of a business in one country may not translate elsewhere. Why is that?
In order for a business in the food and beverage industry to be successful when expanding to other countries, the concept, business culture and the capabilities are the three main factors that will define the success. For instance, what works in Malaysia will not necessarily work in other countries.
Lack of experience in the target markets is also another key factor. New entrants will need to learn the market’s past and current trends and furthermore need to get information about competitors and find out what makes them successful.

In what ways can DKSH help in terms of a solid business plan for new owners?
Based on our capillary distribution network across Asia, we help clients to maximize market share and revenues. By connecting with our well established local infrastructure, clients benefit from fast and cost effective access to their target market. In this way, they can realize economies of scale, without having to invest in fixed local infrastructure, especially in markets with high entry barriers. This makes business less complex and minimizes risk.
Strategically, our clients may want to grow their business by increasing sales in existing markets, enhancing efficiency and margins, or launching into new markets. We help them by providing an integrated and tailor-made portfolio of services along the value chain – from market research, market entry consultancy, marketing and sales, application engineering, product sourcing, after-sales services, maintenance and repairs.

Could you share one of your successful and long-term customer relationship history?
Our Business Line Hospitality is still very new in Malaysia but well established in other countries such as Taiwan, Thailand and China. On average, our clients work with us for more than ten years and in at least three Asian markets. Our in-depth knowledge of local markets and pan-Asian footprint allow us to provide regional solutions for our partners by replicating successful partnerships across markets.


With their profound market knowledge, DKSH is best positioned to serve customers regarding their needs. The company provides products and services to the following industries across Malaysia.


As the leading Market Expansion Services provider with a focus on Asia, DKSH has helped companies and brands grow their business in new or existing markets. With 150-year years of uninterrupted business presense in the region, we have seen DKSH establish a vast network of relationships and deep industry expertise. DKSH is a force on its own and continues to strive in providing solutions to many businesses all around the globe.