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DKSH goes down SOUTH

By January 12, 2017No Comments

DKSH Business Unit Technology, the leading Market Expansion Services provider for technology companies seeking to grow their business in Asia, aims to capture the prospects of the fast-growing technology and manufacturing industries in the southern region of West Malaysia by launching a new showroom and branch office in Johor Bahru.

Besides serving as a branch office of DKSH Technology in the Johor, the showroom comprises a demo kitchen, a laboratory and a workshop which will serve as a platform to enhance partnerships between DKSH, its clients, customers and industry partners. DKSH Technology’s operations in Malaysia include the Business Lines Scientific Instrumentation, Hospitality and Precision Machinery. Customers in the region will now have access to a broad range of innovative equipment and technology from market leaders and internationally renowned brands to enhance their business performance at different stages of the value chain.

“Launching the showroom and new branch office is a strategic step for DKSH Business Unit Technology. Our focus is to enhance market coverage by making high technology products available and by generating customer experience through physical demonstration and technology events. Our qualified specialists offer ser ices such as training, installation and preventive maintenance throughout the entire product lifespan. We want to help customers develop their business with tailored and integrated solutions, to stay competitive and to grow,”said Robert Puschmann, Managing Director, DKSH Technology Singapore and Malaysia.

Also functioning as a training center to host product training programs, monthly cooking events are planned in the fully equipped demo kitchen to support restaurants, hotels and F&B outlets in the region. These events will be hosted by trained professionals using the latest, state-of-the-art cooking equipment from Rational AG, world class leader for professional kitchens. “DKSH Technology is the official appointed partner for Rational in Malaysia and together, we deliver creative and intelligent solutions to the hospitality industry that demands high consistency, quality and efficiency, especially in professional kitchens,”added Robert Puschmann.

In addition to the fully equipped demo kitchen, the showroom houses a machining center housing a fully functioning CNC machine from Hurco for live-cutting and machining demonstrations. The demonstration laboratory allows customers to experiment with the machine, run test cuts or evaluate quality parameters to discover the advantages and benefits of these scientific instrumentation solutions before making any purchasing or maintenance decisions.