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Fabristeel_TeamExperience and knowledge paves the way for an owner to create infinite solutions. Not only does quantity in resources count but also the intelligence and agility with which they are applied. Always with Perfection in Mind, Fabristeel’s craft brings about a world of possibilities that can achieve maximum performance and results.

No restaurant should ever have to endure the consequences of down times due to faulty equipment. Hence, having a trustworthy service partner makes perfect business sense and Fabristeel’s team of 27 people is testament of its commitment. Speaking from experience, Customer Service & Projects Manager, Victor Tan, shares that having a big team allows the department to arrange and dispatch a team to various locations in the shortest possible time to minimise down time as much as possible for its customer and preventing standstill in operations.

Fabristeel holds strongly to the principle of “prevention” and advises customers to work with them on a Preventive Maintenance Contract that ensures that equipment are well maintained according to time, repairs and replacements recorded in a database for ease of access and bookkeeping for customer and the service team. A service team is more effective when backed with the right tools and Fabristeel ensures a well-stocked inventory of spare parts that are easily available for repairs to be done quickly. Having its own warehouse means the ability to work on replacements of parts without waiting time from other suppliers, some of which may be regional.

Besides its Singapore, Malaysia & India service team, the company’s network is on its way to making a presence into other Asian countries, ensuring that the necessary support is put in place at these locations for their customers’ convenience.

Fabristeel’s expertise and well-equipped facilities enables it to be fully prepared to respond efficiently at the time of need.

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