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F&B SEMINAR WITH HMEP: the ingredients behind increasing repeat sales for F&B BUSINESSES

By May 21, 2019August 17th, 2019No Comments

It is not of new nature that F&B outlet revenues are largely dependent on repeat sales and referrals. Although business owners may want to focus on what they do best, it takes time and efforts to build loyal customers. But one good marketing idea that can drive repeat sales to a restaurant business may make all the difference for the business owner.

HMEP Media together with Persuasion Technologies, organised a half-day seminar event for restaurant owners, cafe owners, industry leaders, retail businesses, and entrepreneurs in the F&B industry. The event took place in Co-Labs at the Starling Mall on the 21st of November, 2018, from 9:15am up till 1:00pm.

The seminar started off with a brief introduction to HMEP mobile application by our very own Katty from HMEP. Following was the keynote session by Chu Tzu Ming, Director of Persuasion Technologies. Some of the questions raised and answered by Tzu Ming during the seminar are:

1. What type of data is important for your marketing?
2. How do you collect this data?
3. What can you do to leverage on your POS data?
4. What can you do to leverage on your customer data?
5. How do you use data for marketing?
6. How can you calculate ROI based on data?
7. What are the success stories of using data for restaurant businesses?

Statistics prove that many restaurant owners in Asia have tried digital marketing themselves, and have even hired someone to help them drive traffic to their outlet, yet the results have been unsatisfactory. While many of them may have even given up on digital marketing, not many take time to analyse and understand the root cause of the issues they faced in their former campaigns.

For that reason, many business owners have become reluctant to spend money on marketing, especially due to bad experience and the failure to see the ROI. HMEP understands why too.

To resolve the dilemma, HMEP together with Persuasion Technologies revealed to participants how the business data of their restaurant can be analysed while determining the most effective digital channel that works for their business so that restaurant owners no longer waste their marketing budget. Apart from gaining new and practical advice from industry experts, the keynote session also gave the opportunity for participants to network with others in the same field while sharing knowledge, experience, and, of course, snacks and beverages sponsored by Nestle Professional.

The seminar captured a significant amount of people who are definitely interested and passionate about the F&B industry, which only leaves us with the notion of what more we (HMEP) can do to bring first-class information and knowledge to the F&B industry of Asia.

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