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Some small and / or specialised tools that chefs preparing a fine dining menu are likely to use.

Digital Thermometer
Accuracy is vital especially for delicate items where 1°C can make a difference between good and other wise.

The instant read thermometer is considered most basic and should be able to provide an accuracy better than 1°F / 0.5°C with a response time of less than 10 seconds.

For a wider range of measuring ability, the thermocouple reader with wired probes enables the measuring of two temperatures at the same time, like core and surface temperature.

A non-contact, infrared-style thermometer is useful for measuring sauce or grilled meat’s surface temperature simply by pointing the device towards the item and pulling the trigger.

Digital Scale
As with temperature,weight is also important where consistency is paramount for each plate of food served. It is also more accurate when weighing out mass volume ingredients with a light texture like flour and sugar.


It is not only meats that can be smoked today; in fact one does not need to pull out a BBQ grill with this nifty smoke gun. Simply add the desired combustibles; regularly woodchips but chefs have tinkered with herbs, teas, spices, even flowers, into the chamber and light it up to apply to whichever food item – even salads, sauces, butters, chocolate is possible to create new flavour profiles.

Spherification Kit
A technique to shape flavoured liquids into spheres that visually and texturally resemble caviar; powdered sodium alginate is mixed into the liquid and dripped into a bowl filled with soluble calcium salt. Using a spherification kit hastens the process as the liquid is poured into a mould and quickly produces consistently shaped spheres in higher volume.

Little Coating Pan
Quickly and easily coat delicate truffles and other confection with tempered chocolate or other coatings. It can be used to coat items like almonds, dried fruits, cereals to create new pieces of sweet and / or savoury snacks.

This hand held canister allows instant preparation of both hot and cold whipped cream, sauces, light Espumas, desserts and even soups. It comes with different tips for a range of effects such as for injecting liquids, filling foods with delicate textured items, for decorating or thicker tips that work for whipped-like consistencies.

Blow Torch
Typically used to caramelise sugar for the attractive brown crusty layer, chefs have found ways to use it to prepare meat. Cooking meat at lower temperature keeps the juiciness but usually lacks flavour from the initial browning phase. A blow torch is a quick way to give the meat’s surface the desired effect before slow cooking it.

Spiral Shaper (Available from 100% Chef.)
The assistance to create circular or conical shaped strands made with liquid items such as caramel, chocolate or other similar preparations.

Pincer / Tweezer Tong
In dishes requiring precisie assembly or with small sized ingredients; a stainless steel tweezer tong provides a firm grip yet does not destroy the ingredient’s integrity. Also useful for retrieving food from tall jars, to serve sashimi or roasting delicate items like shrimp or scallops.