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From the days where milkshakes were a treat to today’s healthier alternatives, beverage menus have evolved to match society’s appetite. Be it a decadent chocolate shake with ice-cream or fruits, or nuts blended with milk and grains, these recipes all need some kind of beverage mixer. Simply called the Hamilton Beach®Drink Mixer, it was originally the company’s claim to fame back in 1911 and is still enjoyed by many households today. While there isn’t an exact history to explain what inspired Hamilton Beach drink mixer, we can only assume that its founders, L.H. Hamilton and Chester Beach, noticed that mixing ice-cream, thick chocolate sauces, milk and ice to perfect uniformity was a difficult task to do by hand. Their previous experience with another company manufacturing motor-operated products for home appliances provided them the mechanical know-how, and soon Beach developed a lightweight universal motor tailor made for introducing appliances into the home.

hamilton2After founding the Hamilton Beach Manufacturing Company with Hamilton, Beach’s constant experiments led to the development of a patented universal electric motor that operates on alternating and direct current. Domestic households were now able to apply the efficiency of motor-operated appliances from Hamilton Beach to household tasks as varied as sewing, handmixing, grinding meat, juicing and even floor polishing. Eventually the company narrowed their focus to crafting solutions for food preparation.

In 1990, now-parent-company NACCO Industries Inc merged Hamilton Beach and Proctor Silex®- a sister company that was formed from the merging of two companies in 1960 that produced thermostatically controlled irons and toasters and coffeemakers and irons, respectively. This combined entity now sells more than 35 million appliances every year.


Hamilton Beach’s longevity demonstrates their market savvy in the consumer sector. In order to grow and remain competitive, Hamilton Beach®Commercial was created to serve a new sector, the F&B and hospitality industry as a whole. Together with products from the Proctor Silex® Commercial brand, drink mixers, blenders, coffee makers and other food preparation appliances and amenities for the hospitality industry are made available to customers all over the world. Each product developed at its Richmond, Virginia headquarters is designed and made with the company’s Good Thinking® ethos that not only benefits the end user but also speaks to its distribution partners.

Smart Solutions– Engineering solutions that save time and enhance your customers’ experience.
Reliable Technology– Building products to stand the test of time, day in and day out.
Partners In Your Business– Putting themselves in the shoes of their commercial customers, as well as in their customers’ shoes.

hamilton5Today, Hamilton Beach Commercial delivers its products around the world including into India and China, with an eye on expanding their product footprint in Asia overall. As shown in their definition of Good Thinking®, the company emphasises delivering solutions for the business owner – whether it’s delivering smoothies faster at their shop, providing inroom coffee service for their hotel guests or creating the perfect sauce for their signature entree. A wide variety of Hamilton Beach Commercial products are available in 120v and 230v versions to accommodate regional requirements in Asia. “We have been long-term partners with major hotel groups and extended stay chains worldwide,”said a representative from Hamilton Beach Commercial. “Customers should be able to find them in hotel rooms across Asia, including in Singapore, the Philippines, and Indonesia.”

The “Food & Beverage” industry is so-named to show the distinctive elements that go into developing a commercial menu. After more than 100 years, the reliability of Hamilton Beach’s beverage preparation products is undeniable, and Hamilton Beach Commercial assists potential customers in evaluating the right blender for them with its free eBooklet “How Profitable is Your Blender?” The e-Booklet aims to guide one to “know what you need”, “assess what matters for durability”, “look at your 5 year value” and “calculate beverage profitability”. Other e-Booklet titles like “5 Ways to Boost Efficiency”are intended to help business owners to gain insight into best practices for their operations.

The range of beverage machines on offer from Hamilton Beach Commercial and Proctor Silex Commercial include bar blenders, high performance blenders, automated blending units, drink mixers, citrus juicers and coffee urns. In the juicer line, for example, powerful motors are built in to extract juice quickly and prioritise customers’ convenience and promote better work flow. And with all their juicer machines, cleaning is easy – most par ts are dishwasher safe and several of the strainer baskets can be rinsed to remove pulp and fibre buildup. In addition, the newest generations of blenders are designed to be silent enough to not to disrupt customers’ conversations, even if used at the front-of-house.

Remember the company’s breakthrough was the lightweight universal motor for small appliances? Hamilton Beach®Commercial takes that experience and expertise and applies them to solutions for the commercial kitchen and for hotel accommodations. In its food preparation line, its range includes the EXPEDITOR™ family of culinary blenders, rice cookers, roaster ovens, slot toasters, and even non-motorised items such as dishers for portion control – little things that serve operations in maintaining its cost. Or if you love to wake up to a pot of freshly brewed coffee or tea at home daily, the company wants you to enjoy the same when traveling. Hence, Hamilton Beach Commercial offers the option for hoteliers to give their guests the feeling of home with its Hospitality amenities such as coffee and tea makers, radios, irons, hair dryers, as well as useful things like can openers and toasters for extended stay apartment style hotels.

Hamilton Beach Commercial makes a serious commitment to helping make one’s day a little easier, more creative and flavourful through Good Thinking®applied to the style and function in all of its small electric appliances, matched with the ability to handle the rigours of heavy-duty commercial use. In recent years, the Asian market has seen the constant presence of Hamilton Beach Commercial at trade-related exhibitions that have been vital to expanding their brand footprint. Look for them at a foodservice exhibition near you – or visit their website at or email