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HostMilano returns with Much Gusto

By February 26, 2018No Comments

The upcoming edition, which will take place at fieramilano from Friday 20 to Tuesday 24 October 2017, already sees 1,437 companies (41% foreign from 48 countries) in attendance. They will be greeted by over 1,500 hosted buyers who, thanks to increasingly closer collaboration with the ITA – Italian Trade Agency, will include new names and ever-growing types of companies.

Today, HostMilano is not simply a showcase of machinery and some of the most innovative solutions on the market within all the various Ho.Re.Ca sectors, but also a place where training and learning opportunities abound. It is an opportunity to explore a multi-sensory experience, thanks to the demonstrations at the stands and to the show-cooking events held by today’s top chefs, as well as the extraordinary creations crafted by pastry chefs, cake designers and performances by the most talented baristas and bartenders.

All of this amidst the seductive aroma of coffee drifting from hall to hall and the fragrance of freshly baked pizza and bread. Some of the events are more engaging and include training, marketing and aspects of sensoriality, without neglecting the valuable technical insights for those in direct contact with the consumer, barista, baker, pastry chef or restaurant owner, whoever they may be.

Whilst, other events are of economic interest, allowing for a broad vision of the hospitality sector with in-depth insights, round tables, data presentations, growing trends and a focus on the various markets.

What will hospitality of the future look like? HostMilano will present its vision for the future of the hospitality sector within the halls of the Arredo e Tavola area, where the visitor will be taken on a journey and given the opportunity to explore the creativity of top professionals as well as budding young talents ready to break into the business.

This year, Benini & Partners Architects will breathe life into a design-artistic performance that will highlight an important topic: “L’Italia fatta a mano” (Handmade Italy). An evocative use of surfaces and materials will see us travel through the evolution of mankind and its natural inclination towards hospitality. An entire wall of the installation will play host to basic agricultural and Italian cookery products: from cheese and cured meats to wines and a composition realised using 2,000 real eggs.

Cooks from the Chic – Charming Italian Chef association will be advocates of sustainable cooking for the first time at HostMilano with the ChicRespect brand. All the various production phases within the green approach to the premium catering sector will be analysed: production, preparation, sales and consumption, with a focus on waste reduction and ethical consumption.

The events schedule organised by Mixer with Planet One will include both training opportunities and entertainment, from masterclasses dedicated to mixability and the food show to managerial activities and professional green labs on food & beverage. Wordrenowned special guests will also be in attendance.

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