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hot dog machines

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12267833Sausage in a bun topped with favourite condiments continues to be a popular snack. Setting up a hot dog stand is relatively inexpensive and minimal. Generally, a hot dog machine is easy to operate so considerations weigh towards its cooking method and design. As for size, it is important to make a rough calculation on how many hot dogs you can potentially sell a day – machines can typically prepare 18850 hot dogs per hour, depending on its capacity. Four of the most common picks of hot dog machines are:

Char broiler grill

It cooks and reheats quickly and because it takes approximately 5 minutes to fully prepare raw sausage on the grill, many vendors cook them partially / fully beforehand and only finishing it up upon a customer’s order. Char broiler is ideal for mobile vendors as it operates on gas and gets the work done fast.

Roller grill

The consistent rolling motion makes a point of attraction and it is an option to consider if customer self-service is required. Each roller comes with its own heating element that ensures consistency in cooking and temperature, with an average cooking time of 10-15 minutes. This type will require a sneeze guard due to its open-faced feature.

Hot Dog Steamers

Maintains the traditional taste of hot dogs and does not contain extra grease. Enables the operator to keep buns and hot dogs in the same space with the steam keeping both items fresher for a longer period of time. Due to its enclosed design, food is stored at a consistent temperature. However, hot dogs will take about 20-30 minutes to cook.


Has a rotisserie design and it spins the hot dogs individually to self-baste in its own juices, as well as attracting customers’ attention. Cook time averages 1520 minutes whilst the enclosed design maintains food at a consistent temperature.

One cannot sell hot dogs without condiments and most hot dog machines can be outfitted with a condiment organiser that reduces the risks of cross contamination as well as allows better organisation of items like napkins, salt, pepper and others. You will also want a pump dispenser to distribute sauces like ketchup and mustard as they are easier to manage than scooping from a bowl or shaking from a bottle.