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industry news: Electrolux enhance its presence with new PROFESSIONAL LOGISTIC HUB

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electrolux1The company continues to step up its game; not only through innovating products for the commercial kitchen and laundry but in ensuring customers’ satisfaction. Envisioning to invest into improving its local presence, the Logistic Hub comes after its office and the Center of Excellence. The warehouse is home to any of its equipment, spare par ts and accessories a business might need. Choosing its base in Singapore, the Logistic Hub is dedicated to serve the Southeast Asia Market and the thriving Asia Pacific region.

Although Electrolux works closely with its Authorised Partners, the logic for this hub is to assist their par tners and; ultimately customers to get their business running – whether a new opening or getting back on their feet in the event of equipment problems. On top of that, dealers may not necessarily have products and accessories available in stock such as smaller smaller items to mix and match the adhoc requirements of any menu and chefs needs.

The Logistic Hub began ser ving customers on July 1, 2016 and while that is happening, the team is working to improve its process. When fully operational, it aims to fulfill orders coming from Singapore customers within 72 hours. Being in a central location also enables it to greatly reduce waiting time for customers around the region. For example, a machine or par t could take up to 5 weeks to arrive from Italy to a country in Southeast Asia but it projects to shave this duration by at least half the time.

Telephone : +65 6727 2057
E-mail : professional.sea@electrolux.com
Web : www.electrolux.com.sg/professional


Electrolux’s USB Sous-vide Probe: Better vacuum cooking in Touchline combi-ovens

Sous-vide cooking is one of the many methods that a combi-oven can per form and an option from the the immersion circulator. The technique involves packing food in sealed bags and cooking it on low heat. And to further ensure that the core of the product (the thickest par t of the food) is thoroughly cooked, Electrolux introduces its USB Sous-vide probe. Measuring only 1mm in needle diametre, 60 mm in length and with a diagonally cut needle point design, its purpose is to accurately reach the core temperature without affecting the vacuum in the bag as well as not breaking the vacuum seal upon insertion. A sponge is placed on the bag’s sur face and the probe enters the sponge before the food product. The sponge ensures that no air will enter inside the bag upon insertion of the probe. Cooking sous-vide in an air-o-steam Touchline ovens is simple by plugging in the probe into the USB connection, inserting the probe into the vacuumed packed food, setting the cooking parametres and letting the oven work. The USB Sous-vide probe is available on Touchline ovens with updated software version 4.10. This method of food preparation has greatly allowed restaurants to maintain the standard of food. Aside consistent result, food cooked in sous-vide retains more intense flavours as no juices leak out onto a pan but is cooked in its natural juices. Low temperature cooking also maintains the size of food portion as there is minimal shrinkage compared to cooking over heat.
www. electrolux.com.sg/professional