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The mention of Spain somehow brings to mind country – sides washed with the sun’s warm glow. People basking by sunny beaches or simply going about life in its vibrant cities. No doubt it has its cold season but don’t we often see Spain portrayed at its sunniest best? Now picture this; holding a bottle of cold drink during times like this? Cold holding vessels will always be demanded and for Infrico, bottle coolers were the first product to roll out from the company’s manufacturing lines.

Previously working in the same refrigeration making company, four of its founders were keen to develop themselves professionally. In 1986, backed by their collective knowledge of refrigeration theory and technology, they embarked on a different path and started Infrico. Since it can be said that almost every foodservice business unit will need some form of cold solution, the
entrepreneurs continued designing various items to cater to the market. Through constant communication between the commercial department and clients projecting the market’s future needs, the manufacturer continued to expand its product line and today offers the market a vast range of cooling solutions:

• Chest Coolers
• Back-Bar
• Glass Door Merchandiser
• Glass Froster Counter
•Bar Display Case
•Hors D’oeuvres Exhibitor Plate
•Wine Cellar

Undercounter Refrigerators / Freezers •Pizza Prep Table •Pizza Undercounter •Salad Undercounter

Catering Refrigerators / Freezers •Pastry Refrigerator •Blast Chiller & Shock Freezers

Cold Tank & Cold Board •Bain-Marie •Gastrobuffet Table •Hot Table •Hot Distribution Trolleys

• Sushi, Fish And Seafood
• Refrigerated Pizza & Sandwiches Ingredients

Gelato Display • Lounge Bar Display Case

MF_Article2_5Having the facilities and exper tise of about 400 personnel from around 12 delegations in national territory and 10 overseas has also brought in many insights on diversifying its product offerings. Alongside cold equipment, Infrico exports to 80 countries worldwide other equipment for the Horeca industry such as:
Combination ovens •ice makers •grills & griddles •glass/ dishwashers •fermentation ovens •pizza ovens •slicers •toasters •fryers

Clearly, the company is dedicated to perfecting the art of refrigeration yet not letting it limit their imagination. It is this idea that prompts Infrico to attend relevant international trade shows and fairs since 1990 to find out new trends, the evolution in equipment design and gain inspiration on how to improve their service to the industry. It commits to people and does work intended to satisfy the experience of the final user; that is the customer of F&B establishments. To provide utmost support to its first-inline customers, INFRICO’s After Sales Service (SAT) team is always ready to advise, repair and deliver spare parts so that minimal downtime occurs. In relations to suppliers and clients, ever y input is taken in with seriousness and consideration that ultimately produces a high level and trustworthy business relationship.

Being the first business in its country of the sector to be accredited by a management quality based on the ISO 9001:2008 regulations is reflective of its commitment to innovation and quality improvement. Among its accreditations include:

• Apparatus meeting requirements of the Directors of Council DC2004/108/CE(electrical Security) and DC2006/95/CE (electromagnetic Compatibility)
• Certificate of environment ISO 14001:2004 complying with all legal requirements and also implementing policies to reduce the use of natural resources and improve recycling and residue management
• Certificate of Occupational Risks Prevention OHSAS: 18001
• Compliance with the RoHS Directive (2002/95/EC)concerning restriction of use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment above the agreed levels
• Compliance with the Regulation about Treatment of Packaging Materials that certifies all wood packaging has been heat-treated and meets the international standards for phytosanitary measures
• All equipment can incorporate a HACCPmodule for compliance with EC regulation no. 852/2004 (optional)
• Compliance with the ETL Standard
• GOST Certificate – a set of technical standards specified by Euro-Asian Council for Standardization, Metrology and Certification (EASC)

Infrico sits on a surface area of 101.000 m2 shared by its production centre, offices and logistic hub. It is undeniable that operations will impact the environment but Infrico is aware of that and it pays special attention to achieving sustainability by means of correct administration of natural resources, the adequate processing of residues, as well as the recycling and the re-usage of materials.

From Europe to Americas, Infrico has also established a facility in United States of America and of course in another sun-affiliated city that is Miami. Operating for almost 3 years, equipment are brought over from Spain and its USA’s facility has its own service network with access to over 8,000 certified technicians across the country. Making its presence in a country with great diversity in its food and beverage industry is in line with Infrico’s projection that demand for refrigeration equipment will grow alongside the foodservice and hospitality sector. In only 30 years since Infrico made its first bottle coolers, it has successfully entered many markets through designing products with quality, functionality, ease of use, sustainability, energy saving measures, reliability and innovation.