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Managing Director of F&B Facilities, Rick Chee.

“What you see outside do not reflect the inside”, says Managing Director of F&B Facilities, Rick Chee. What he meant was people on the outside hardly take notice of how extensive it has been to set up the facility behind the-scenes of an eating establishment. The value of a well set up kitchen plays a huge role in whether a restaurant ‘makes or breaks’ yet there are many operators who do not seem to see the importance. For F&B Facilities, a sustainable eatery is beyond its food and kitchen; it also takes into account the entire operating system that includes cashier system, queue time, consumer psychology (colours, noise level, smell, menu, signage, location, words). In simple terms, the people in F&B Facilities must understand the operation side in order to design an effective kitchen. That principle is the driving force of the company and Rick speaks from his experience of running more than 10 industrial kitchens at one time prior to star ting F&B Facilities. Referring to those days as madness because there was a lack of technology to coordinate everything, the company decided to start humbly in providing design supply and installation of foodservice equipment.

When asked why he did not start of f as a consulting company, Rick said that during his early salesman days, he realised that he was unable to advise the owners regarding the operating system because he did not have the knowledge on how things work. His job was to only sell a product but he felt that a salesperson could do more for the customer; they are the people who have the inside scoop as many restaurateurs are likely not from the industry and lack a reference point. At the same time, there is no comprehensive guide on how a commercial kitchen should be set up in the country. While there are certain regulations, there is so much more ground to cover and this is why Rick sees the importance of salespeople having an all-round knowledge about setting up a kitchen facility; it is not to take over a professional consultant’s expertise but to ensure a customer gets the utmost value from his investment and F&B Facilities is not just out to “make the sale”.

Smooth flow at the buffet lines

Smooth flow at the buffet lines

As the food and beverage industry continued to grow and with experience, the company is now sought after to run feasibility studies, conceptualisation, menu planning, training, guidelines on health certification and budgeting. To give customers more value, the personnel are also proficient in design and planning the available space down to the smallest detail to match areas like electrical wiring, plumbing, ventilation, fire suppression system accessibility and equipments to ensure operations can run seamlessly. Instead of doing what a customer says, questions are drawn up, to get them thinking about the implications of doing things a certain way.

The established French deli in KLIA

The established French deli in KLIA

Due to their “personal conviction”, many times customers believe that it is the best way but Rick says that he needs to let the customers know what works and what does not so that the client can come to an informed decision as F&B Facilities strives to give them an assurance that their kitchen can work and meet their objective. Or sometimes customers may come with an existing setup but find that it is underpeforming – be it drastic changes or simple solutions, the company shares with clients the best way to achieve maximum efficiency and profitability. What, then, gives F&B the edge in the pool of the many solution providers in the industry? Rick opines that it is their focus all the way to the details. For example, they will calculate for a client the result between using a rotisserie and combi-oven to roast a chicken. A 1.8kg chicken will usually come out weighing 1.6kg in a rotisserie while the weight remains just slightly lesser using a combi-oven. That is going a full circle and probably an extra mile. In short, cost effectiveness in using the right equipment.

Much as the company works with independent restaurant owners, it has also found a niche in the international market as world-renowned brands wishing to start in Malaysia strike a partnership with F&B Facilities as their representative in Malaysia or Asia to get the brand presence going. International brands like Starbucks, Subway, Texas Chicken, Kenny Rogers Roasters and Wendy’s have sought the company for equipment but as an added value service, they also provided them with guidelines according to local regulations. Its fundamental stainless steel fabrication services still remain together with the manufacturing of customised refrigerators, supplying and installation of cold rooms and various food service equipment. A resourceful company is one that has the ideas and skills to refurbish used items that are good for many more years for environmental and cost efficiency.

The company's show kitchen

The company’s show kitchen

Since 1991, F&B Facilities has steadily made its way in the industry and today, it is one of the key players of solutions for commercial kitchens. With constant developments from various sectors, the company has consistently stayed with the times and Rick believes that “once you get it right, the public will know you and will return”. And getting it right is does not come easy, one needs to have the passion and feeling of ownership to make the project a success – from the time of the paper work until post-project (being in contact with the clients to arrest any issues) and as Rick puts it, they are the people who are the “first in and last out” from a commercial kitchen facility, and to cap it off, having information at their fingertips to best assist clients to succeed in their eater y business, from the aspect of its facility.


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