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An earlier version of high volume cooking equipment

An earlier version of high volume cooking equipment

Imagine a picture where the kitchen crew members are taking turns or simultaneously stirring contents in huge pots, sweat dripping down their faces as hours of preparation and cooking trickle by. They must have had hundreds to feed and having to repeat the routine everyday is nothing short of an achievement. With the advent of research and development, a solution to improve the work in catering or food processing was introduced some 40 years ago by Firex s.r.l in the form of automated cooking systems that save energy and resources.

What kitchens can have today

What kitchens can have today

Founded by Mr Luigi Pinto, it is now under the leadership of his son, Eng. Francesco Pinto and had its starting roots in the HORECA (hotel/restaurants/cafe) industry. With an aim to offer the market high technological and multifunctional equipment to satisfy growing demands for super-performance items in small spaces, Firex’s equipment are also used by in-flight catering providers, marine kitchens, labour camps, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Based in Italy with 3 manufacturing plants totalling 15,000sqm, Firex promotes its range of products through the setting up of Regional Offices with managers coming from North Europe, Singapore, North and South America; thereby bringing dynamic perspectives in reaching out to customers from various business cultures.

It is undeniable that procedures in food processing can involve many steps and the often large amounts to prepare at once were an ardous undertaking for any company. Through observations, Firex realised that the way to work better and maintain quality is with technology. Consider an example scenario of jam production and how its equipment can play a vital role:

A detailed process from visuals to actualisation

A detailed
process from
visuals to


1. Fruit is washed with a vegetable washer. Using tank compartments and a programmable swirling strength, producers can wash two different fruits simultaneously.
2. Put the washed fruits into the spin-dryer that has an adjustable speed to ensure items are not damaged.
3. Using the High-P cooking machine that utilises the sous vide method, cooking time is halved while colours, aroma and flavour of the fresh fruit is retained. It can cook up to 20kgs of jam in 15 minutes.
4. The jam is bottled and ready for pasteurisation in the Fixpan.
If you can visualise the improved levels of productivity such equipment can bring for your business, Firex has many other solutions for your large scale cooking endeavours.


By that, we mean product lines that Firex puts forward to customers. Four lines developed to respond to catering, centralised kitchens, meal manufacturers or factory scale food production, namely:

MEDIUM LINE – simple yet
robust multi-functional products for small and medium-sized catering services provided in cooking centres and canteens that need to cook up to 500 litres in volume.

with jacket system helps prevent food from sticking to the bottom and walls of the vessel during cooking and can also be used to cook items with high acidity.

tilting (manual or can be motorised on request) braising pan fits into small and medium-sized food production lines and comes in 38 models ranging from 50-200 litre capacities.


excellent for steam cooking and the modular industrial pans come in cylinder or rectangular configurations.



MAJOR LINE – high capacity cooking systems for large scale catering or food production

HIGH-P machine
sous-vide cooker quickly processes raw materials at low temperatures. Combining a mixer patented for cutting and homogenisation, a vacuum technology maintains the organoleptic properties of food.


Execute pressure cooking and mixing at the same time with CUCIMAX bratt pan that also allows for other preset modes eg boiling, braising, browning or steaming.


pasteuriser comes in either gas, electrical or steam heating mode. It can be utilised for “Cook & Chill” with an optional equipping of a “sample probe” to check core temperatures of the product.

Achieve the same golden hue when frying foods with the MULTIFRY automated fryer available in 8 models with gas or electric heating.




FAST LINE – for restaurants that offer catering, fast food outlets or smaller centralised kitchens, these equipment is designed compact with autonomous operations for precise results.

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The FIRFAST tilting jacketed kettle cooks a wide range of items; from soups, risottos, mashed potatoes to creams. Suitable for snack bars and restaurants to handle preparations that may not flow as well with the kitchen’s normal working cycle.

FRYBRAT can be adapted as a countertop installation to cook, braise and fry medium or small amounts of food in rapid time and with its ability to reach significant temperatures, it can be used as a fry-top.



DREENER LINE – with all the cooking-centric tools, a kitchen should also have assistance in preparation.

Removable walls on the vegetable washer provides easy division of the tank to wash different types or quantities of items at the same time. A drilled false bottom makes way for dirt to be deposited into the bottom of the tank where food items do not pass through.

The SPIN DRYER is fitted with a DRC700 vegetable centrifuge and speed controller properly dries vegetables and fruits without damaging them, particularly important for delicate items.



Headquarters in Italy

Whether you have hundreds of kilograms of produce to cook and serve daily or you manufacture and package your products for sales on the shelves, the amount of labour required is massive. With labour crunch being a global issue for foodservice, you would not deny the wonders of machinery as Firex constantly works to introduce better systems to the world.

FIREX regional office in Singapore is AFM Euro-Asia Pte Ltd. The company based in Singapore oversees all requirements coming in from new and existing customers.


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