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Manitowoc NEO™ Ice Machine

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Manitowoc_NEOManitowoc_Ice_Selects_003_RTFNEO™ takes the cool everywhereManitowoc_Ice_Undercounter_Selects_001
Food and beverages are going more places than ever before. However, space is always an issue and NEO presents a new level of thinking – it is an ideal undercounter ice machine for bars, coffee shops, stadium boxes, restaurants, delis. Simply put, it is the everywhere you need ice machine, backed by PIC (Performance, Intelligence, Convenience).

PERFORMANCE boost yet still eco-friendly
Manitowoc’s NEO ice machine produces up to 40lbs more ice over 24 hours than previous models, but is extremely energy efficient. Stamped with ENERGY STAR®, NEO’s energy consumption is 10% lower than regular ice machines, while water usage is 25% lower than previous models. A “Delay Feature” allow operators to produce ice only when it’s needed, thereby reducing costs and saving resources.

Gone are days when ice machines could be confusing to operate. NEO has operational buttons that are universally recognised and are placed at an easy-to-view location. A push of the button initiates cleaning of the machine, while the bright and illuminating light allows the user to check the capacity of the storage bin, whether empty or full, from across the room. Service lights also provide early warning signals so that the NEO unit can continue to operate while service is being called.

CONVENIENCE Uncompromised
Efficiency is the buzzword and the NEO undercounter ice machines provide a new standard of accessibility. NEO has made cleaning easy with rounded corners and relocation of key components outside the food zone. Attention to detail makes a difference, such as the use of thumbscrews to access components for faster cleaning without other tools. Even the exterior panels are fingerprint resistant, plus a new design for the ice scoop features a comfortable full-grip handle and two holder locations, inside the bin and above the ice for seamless storage and easy access. Another optional element for all NEO models is the Luminice Growth Inhibitor™. This unique feature has undergone rigorous independent lab testing and has proven effective to reduce mold, yeast and bacteria, which results in a longer inter val between cleaning cycles, as well as streamlining the time needed to clean the machine.

FINAL TOUCHES for a Best In Class Ice Machine
The NEO range of ice machines comes full circle with thoughtful additions to the strength of the abovementioned PIC. Its exceptional serviceability features a removable bin; providing an easy service routine without the need to move it from its operating position. A well-designed modular construction enables users to per form service at a more efficient rate. NEO ice machines are reliable partners as evidenced with the in-house test where 19 units ran simultaneously for over 65,000 hours, while 15 units ran 15,000 hours on field test sites without issues.


Products Line:

U-140, U-190, U-240, U-310

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