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There are times that we buy into something purely to appreciate its visual beauty but look around the many things you own – most likely you bought them after considering its practicality, looks and how well it fits your style. If you are a Chef, cooking equipment will rank at the top and MKN knows your demands for a good looking kitchenware with high usability and is robust to boot. And the manufacturer spends much time in producing equipment “that is not only functional but also – to put it bluntly – sensual”.It believes that these stainless steel configurations; when done well, have its way of communicating with the Chefs and do their par t in providing good food.

MKN Maschinenfabrik was founded by Kurt Neubauer in 1946 and with only 3 employees, the team specialised in making agricultural machinery. And being engineers and with a manufacturing facility in place; it could produce items according to various industry needs. As the years went by and through keen observation, the company made a decision to channel its expertise to manufacturing professional kitchenware. A call that proved to be a step in the right direction, looking at how MKN’s brand is now trusted by Chefs all over the world. From an ice-cream machine and bakery machines, 1979 saw the first line of stand-alone appliances hitting the market.

Today, MKN is keeping a laser focus on presenting the market with premium thermal professional cooking technology. Its combi-steamers FlexiCombi and SpaceCombi are finding favour with the food preparation professionals. Be it on a catering scale, hotel banquets or independent outfits, these combi-steamers which can be combined with the modular appliance KÜCHENMEISTER and the FlexiChef are able to complete a kitchen and promises a smoothly integrated workflow for its users.

The combi-steamer is an increasingly favoured equipment in commercial kitchens due to its intelligence that does not remove a Chef’s expertise but helps one to work with less stress and focus on ideas instead of execution all the time. Saying that it is as easy as using your smartphone, MKN’s FlexiCombi MagicPilot and SpaceCombi MagicPilot are fully touch screen operated so that Chefs transition with ease from phone to equipment. FlexiCombi’s features include:

• FamilyMix -indicates which products are compatible within a particular cooking mode
• QualityControl -automatic quantity detection and adjustment
• PerfectHold -an intelligent process combining cooking, active cooling and holding in one application
• FlexiRack -optimum utilisation of cooking chamber to reduce cooking time and energy
• DynaSteam2 -correct steam saturation provided according to product quantity
• And many more..

The SpaceCombi is the solution to conserve area footprint as it is only 55 cm wide with a capacity of 6 × GN 1/1 and 6 × GN 2/3 alongside features such as:
• Touch & slide operations
• GreenInside consumption display
• Insulated triple glazing door for low energy consumption
• Optional automatic cleaning system, integrated steam condensation and multi-level filter system

Both FlexiCombi and SpaceCombi are also available in Classic options for users who prefer manual operation methods.

Have hundred kilograms of food to cook on a daily or regular basis? This device enables chefs to prepare several ingredients of a complete dish which reduces the need for multiple appliances with the ReadyXpress function that cooks with fast build-up of heat yet gently reduces the pressure in the vessel to ensure that nutritional value and vitamins in food are not compromised. Meanwhile Turbo PowerBlock aims its power only where it is required and FlexiZone allows frying, cooking or deep-frying in up to 4 zones with individual temperature and time control for each zone hence improving efficiencies.

Every chef has a preference according to their menu and even their personality can come into play when it comes to their worktop. And MKN will tailor it to fit their nuances and some of the technical suggestions for more enjoyable cooking are handy emptying systems, warming cupboards and drawers, various configurations of handrails, seamless 3mm hygiene top plate, rest, add-on and fold-out shelves.

A Maker’s Perspective
Each piece of MKN KÜCHENMEISTER is made to go the long haul and is tailor-made to cater for future customer requirements. Taking into account the everyday, all kitchen ranges are covered with 3mm of chrome-nickel steel for durability and designed without gaps or seams so that cleaning up is never a hassle. A seamless working sur face makes it easy to move heavy cooking ware from one cooking zone to another. On the oven’s side, users will experience efficiency in energy costs with triple-glazed doors that also achieve the highest standards of hygiene in catering.

Investing into MKN may not result in the most cost effective measures from the onset but it believes that customers will soon experience the benefits when they see that running costs end up considerably lower. On top of that, MKN equipment sets a benchmark for easy operations and safety alongside designs that make optimal use of the available surface. An ideal partner for customers keen on playing their role in operating more sustainable and eco-friendly kitchens, MKN has the GreenTeam that comprises homegrown and foreign specialists who identify problems related to this aspect and assisting MKN to come up with solutions. The GreenTeam project received the ISO 14001 certification from the TÜV SÜD. Conservation measures begin from the production process itself where MKN implements a system that considers optimal protection of the environment through the efficient use of natural resources.

Each element of an MKN equipment comes only from its single 80,000m2 facility in Wolfenbüttel, Germany. Not only is it the place where the company began, it is a sensible approach to enable its workforce of approximately 500 individuals to better facilitate the incorporation of new ideas and also enable swift response to any problems that might occur during production.

A company can build the most advanced cooking equipment in the world but without the vouching from its customers; nobody goes anywhere. Consistency is MKN’s middle name and in almost ever y national and international hospitality exhibition, the familiar blue diamond-shaped logo of MKN is present – not only to inspire people to experience its technologies but to also engage with its partners in the relevant market. On top of that, its products have been on the winner’s list of many awards recognising the innovative technology, design and its proficiency as a partner to the foodservice industry. Together with Chefs who create menus, MKN has successfully forged partnerships that will continuously ensure pleasant dining experiences for everyone.