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If you are short on space in your kitchen and need tocut running costs without compromises on cooking
performances, the new MultiSlim compact oven is a perfect
fit for your restaurant and bar. Slim on the outside with multibenefits on the inside, MultiSlim from Electrolux offers:

  • Green savings – uses up to 15% less water than standard
    injection ovens and saves on water bills.
  • Compact design – space-saving dimensions of just 0.42 m²
    makes it ideal, especially for small kitchens.
  • Menu at your fingertips – the simple-to-use programmable interface lets you create, save and load up to 99 of yourfavourite recipes.
  • Minimise maintenance – Automatic Cleaning System
    comes with 3 different programs, an auto-switch off and
    self-dispensing detergent.
  • Fast access – easy front panel access minimises downtime
    and simplifies inspection to all electrics and components.
  • Easy to install – one oven with 3 different voltages makes
    it to install and plug-in anywhere.

MultiSlim compact oven features an open base with tray
support, base support for stacked compact oven, as well
as a kit front air filter and comes with a stacking kit, hand
shower, core probe and a variety of GastroNorm trays.

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