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RATIONAL presents the NEW SelfCookingCenter® XS!

By January 12, 2017No Comments

Held at the Hotel For t Canning on November 10th, 2016, business par tners travelled from all around the region to Singapore to be introduced to RATIONAL’s newest member of its range of the SelfCookingCenter®, the SelfCookingCenter® XS.

At the Think BIG Tour – Ideas change the world event, the smaller footprint model of 55.5 cm deep, 65.5 cm wide, 56.7cm high and fitted for 6 x 2/3 GN unit made its debut and brings the company to another level in the development of products for their customers.

According to Area Vice President Asia Thomas Stuetz, “RATIONAL listens to our customers and indeed the request for a smaller unit have always been one that our dealers and agents are waiting with bated breath. But we didn’t want to build one without ensuring that every feature of our standard models would also be incorporated into it”.

Truly, the new XS model compromises nothing despite the smaller footprint. During the launch of the XS, Corporate Chef Andy Tan and Senior Regional Business Development Manager Michael Wong showcased the performance of the XS unit – cooking steaks, seafood for both a mid size service volume to ala carte menus. The user friendliness of the SelfCookingCenter® with its iCookingControl, iLevelControl and HiDensityControl®made everything a snap, or rather with just a touch on RATIONAL’s smart LCD panel. This makes the unit an ideal equipment to be placed at your front kitchen, kiosks, petrol stations, convenience stores and more.

The event also sees the introduction of RATIONAL’s latest range of upgrades for its line of SelfCookingCenter®that are also built in features for the newly introduced XS models. A new maintenance friendly triple glazed door with integrated LED lighting catches the eye, illuminating the cabinet. The new models have overall reduced energy consumption by 10% compared to the previous models made. Improved gaskets and faster CPU further simplify cooking operations in a busy kitchen.

During the event, we had the chance to speak to the attendees to gather their comments on the new SelfCookingCenter® XS.

rational3Mr Yopie Setiandi, Director of PT. Keisi, Indonesia
“RATIONAL has opened a lost opportunity by giving us the right product to enter a unique market, both commercially and domestically. And its smaller footprint is not an issue as every feature of the standard models is available in the XS.”

Ms Liza G. Yu, Vice President of HKR Equipment, Philippines
“The fact that it’s compact in size makes it suitable for open kitchens. Even at its size, it has six pans which is good. No wonder RATIONAL is one of the best.”

Ms Katherine Kek, Managing Director of NKR Continental, Malaysia
“We definitely see the potential of the new SelfCookingCenter® XS. There have been demands from both commercial like petrol kiosks and even domestic markets where some owners love to experience the RATIONAL cooking experience at home. And the single phase helps tremendously.”

Mrs YM Seow, Director of Continental Equipment, Singapore
“This is a long awaited model and it is better late than never. And the smaller size did not compromise the features built in. The improvements with the triple glazed glass door and LED lighting is something we can count on as RATIONAL have surprised us with innovation continuously.”

Mr Theera Ariyakajorn, General Manager of Somerville Siam
“With the XS unit, our customers can now cook in front of their guests. We see this as a big boost for consultants or kitchen designers to place at the front of the restaurant when they have always been asking for a model that they can specify into their designs.”

“Our units impress with their performance and precision, and together with the benefits of the fresh steam generator RATIONAL represents top food quality and we make no compromises in this regard”says Millie Chan, Managing Director, RATIONAL Singapore.