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The iCombi Pro: a new standard for the professional kitchen

Many catering establishments today are experiencing skill shortages and cost pressures alongside higher expectations from their customers. Chefs therefore, require flexible, efficient, and straightforward support from intelligent functions and equipment in order to cook and serve dishes in a quick, efficient and cost-effective way. Thanks to four intelligent functions, the new iCombi Pro by Rational combines 50% higher productivity, 10% shorter cooking time and 10% lower energy consumption in a single cooking system compared to its predecessor model, while still guaranteeing outstanding uniformity, even at full loads. The iCombi Pro combines intelligent productivity, efficiency, and flexibility.

Functions that make all the difference
• Increased Productivity With iDensityControl

With powerful air circulation and dehumidification, iDensityControl enables up to 50% bigger loads with around 10% shorter cooking times compared to the previous model. It also delivers consistent and uniform results. Crusts, grill patterns, and crispy coatings are guaranteed, and the optimal cooking climate management means even delicate foods such as quiche and traditional Malay kueh will be a success.

• Desired Results Guaranteed With iCookingSuite

Chefs with a goal can pursue it without compromise with the cooking intelligence of the iCombi Pro. With sensors that send actual data such as size, quantity, and condition of the food product from the cooking cabinet, the iCombi Pro checks the condition of the food against the desired result, calculates the cooking progress and intelligently adjusts the temperature with reproducible results always. If conditions such as the temperature of the food product or the duration of the door opening changes, the iCookingSuite will adjust the cooking path intelligently.

• Optimum Planning With iProductionManager

Entire production sequences, even with different foods, are regulated intelligently with the iProductionManager. The user simply has to state whether they want to cook using the time or energy optimising system, or to a certain target time, and the iCombi Pro will take care of everything else. It knows what can be cooked together and will show when a food product does not suite the cooking cabinet climate. This means more flexibility and planning reliability.

• Effective Cleaning With iCareSystem

The intelligent iCareSystem cleaning system needs approximately 12 minutes for an ultra-fast interim clean between each cooked dish. All cleaning programs only use phosphate-free cleaner tabs in half the quantity compared to the previous model. With the lower electricity consumption, which is confirmed by Energy Star, the iCombi Pro is a highly sustainable cooking system.

• Easily Accessible Even For Untrained Staff

The intuitive operating concept guides the user through the production sequence with visual language, logical work steps, and clear, interactive instructions and makes the cooking system quickly accessible even for untrained staff. WLAN is also integrated into the iCombi Pro, providing a fast and simple connection to the Rational network ConnectedCooking and efficient management of kitchen processes.

Due to its superior intelligence, the iCombi Pro responds just like an experienced chef. Not only can it think, learn, forget nothing, watch and adapt, but it can also know the desired result, adapt the humidity, air speed and temperature automatically. With the iCombiPro, users can experience all kinds of freedom and the certainty of reaching their goals, exactly as imagined, time and time again.

For more information on the iCombi Pro, which is now available in various sizes, please visit https://www.rational-online.com/en_sg/home/


iVARIO: the new performance class for the professional kitchen

Tilting pans, boiling pans and deep-fat fryers are now a thing of the past in the professional kitchen with the emergence of iVario Pro as this latest cooking system by Rational can now boil, fry and deep-fry all in a single unit. The iVario Pro, which resembles a tilting pan, replaces virtually all conventional cooking appliances, because it has the power – its unique heating technology combines power (4 times faster) with precision, impresses with intelligent functions and consumes 40% less energy than conventional tilting pans and boiling pans. As one of the most modern cooking systems, the iVario Pro offers professional kitchens enormous productivity, flexibility and simplicity.

Top functions of iVario Pro:

• Heating System Of iVarioBoost

A combination of ceramic heating elements and fast-response, scratch-resistant pan bases allows for higher efficiency, outstanding speed and uniform heat distribution. The intelligent energy management system ensures precise temperatures on the pan base and sensitively regulates them. This allows users to sear quickly and the temperature will not drop noticeably when adding cold ingredients like it does with conventional technology.

• Desired Results With iCookingSuite

As the cooking intelligence of the iVario Pro, the precision provided by iCookingSuite eliminates the need for checking and monitoring. Sensors detect the quantity and condition of the food, and regulate the cooking parameters accordingly so that the desired result can be achieved without the user having to do much. With iCookingSuite’s intelligence, iVario Pro also learns learns from users, adapts to their cooking habits and only alerts users when actions needs to taken.

• Efficient Flexibility Of iZoneControl

iZoneControl enables the iVario Pro pan base to be divided into up to four zones with an option to choose the desired size, position and shape, so that users can cook different foods simultaneously, on a time delay and at different temperatures. Users need only heat the surfaces that is really needed which in turn, can save energy and a huge amount of kitchen equipment.

• Accelarated Production With The Pressure Cooking Function

When things need to get done quickly, users can counter this with the optional intelligent pressure cooking function. Secured with the internal lock, casseroles, braised dishes, stocks, soups and stews can also be cooked up to 35% faster, without any loss of quality and without maintenance requirements. Throughout the entire cooking process, this protects the structure of the food and you can still achieve the best cooking results in no time.

The iVario Pro 2-S with two pans is ideal for restaurants or as an additional unit in business and industry catering. The iVario Pro L and XL – the two single-pan cooking systems with 100 or 150 litres – are the new performers in industry catering. The unit range is complemented by the iVario 2-XS, which is suitable for restaurants from 30 meals with its two 17-litre pans.

To find more about the iVario Pro cooking system, please visit https://www.rational-online.com/en_sg/ivario-pro/

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