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ROBOT COUPE J100 Ultra Automatic Centrifugal Juicer

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Robot Coupe’s Juicer In Line with Demand for Healthy Drinks

couv-J100-recadree1Fruit juices have never been buzzing until now. Previously, order a juice and it might just be thin and watered down, with a small amount of ‘real juice’ floating atop water tinged with the fruit’s colour. Or having to spend time cutting up fruits before juicing and that cuts down on efficiency. Introducing the Robot Coupe J100; not only does it effectively extract every drop of goodness from the fruit, it is more powerful, equaling better productivity and speed.




Quicker production with an auto-feed system
A Robot-Coupe exclusive, the wide 79mm in diameter feed tube allows whole fruits to be inser ted instead of using a pusher to plunge them down. Higher volumes of juice can be produced quickly without mess.

Works well with others
Designed to fit into the line of work with other bar machines, its height allows positioning of a Blender bowl under the spout ejection that saves time when preparing multi-fruit cocktails, milkshakes or smoothies.

Made for intensive use
Suitable for all-day production, the J100 Ultra is boosted by a speed of 3000rpm and a 1000w motor enabling speedy extraction of liquid and reaching the diner before it oxidizes and loses colour. Juices are smoother and the flavour profile is distinct in taste.

Keeps workstation clean
Open-ended tube makes way for direct ejection of pulp into the trash bin, reducing time needed to clean up the container. Also, its drip tray is capable of holding up to 30cl of liquid, cutting down frequency of cleaning a counter top.

Convenience in cleaning
The stainless – steel grating basket is equipped with hooks and easily removed for cleaning.

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