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Named as an oasis of stillness, serenity and harmony, Shoukouwa Sushi Restaurant was launched by the Emmanuelm Stroobant Group Luxury Collection. Opened in 2016, this fine dining restaurant is the only Japanese restaurant in Singapore to be awarded 2 Michelin Stars in 2016, 2017, and 2018. In partnership with Japanese cuisine specialist Hanachiyo and Master Sushi Chef Junya Kudo of the 2 Michelin-starred Sushi Ikko in Hokkaido, Shoukouwa brings guests an authentic fine dining edomae sushi experience in Asia, at an intimate and tranquil atmosphere.

Shoukouwa offers 3 omakase menus, with the quality of produce and seasonality in mind. The dishes that vary on a daily basis is dedicated to serving Mio lunch menu, an offering that comes in a unique Japanese artform; Miyabi omakase set, a refined palate consisting of fresh seasonal seafood and produce; and Hana omakase set, that brings guests on a journey of culinary arts in preparing and presenting the magnificence of the seasonal seas around Japan.

However, the restaurant opened up that the main challenge has been to ensure that all the produce received into the restaurant is of top quality of its season. “We work very closely with our purveyors in Japan that purchase exclusively for us,” the team behind Shoukouwa mentioned.

At the same time, there is a vast availability of F&B establishments offering Japanese cuisine and mainly targeting the mass market consumers. When it comes to fine dining Japanese restaurants, however, there are only a few to begin with in Singapore. Although many choose to not walk this path due to the cost of quality ingredients and absence of culinary skills among chefs, Shoukouwa Sushi Restaurant determines to include itself in the rarity and is continuing to enjoy its journey in the Japanese culinary world in Asia.

The restaurant has credited one element of its success to using the right freezing/refrigeration equipment for its purchased ingredients. Since the culinary techniques involving omakase are immensely traditional, freezing/ refrigeration equipment such as chillers and ice-machines are critical in maintaining the cold chain of Shoukouwa’s fresh ingredients from source to table.

The team behind Shoukouwa also opened up that patience is the key essence to running an F&B business in Singapore, particularly, for a Japanese restaurant. “Much time and humility are needed in order to understand our market, customer preferences and customer behaviour,” the team mentioned.

With much success observed since the years the Japanese fine dining restaurant has been open in Singapore, it is no surprise that Shoukouwa prioritises quality and consistency of dining experience for customers. The restaurant thinks it is highly important for customers to perceive value for money and obtain a great dining experience, no matter how short of a time they are in the restaurant.

It certainly is a pleasure to watch Shoukouwa growing and stretching into the future, making moments in the F&B terrains of Singapore and Asia. For more information on Shoukouwa, you may contact:

Address : 1 Fullerton Road, #02-02A One Fullerton,
Singapore 049213
Contact : +65 6423 9939
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