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SIMPLEX on-call to keep businesses on its feet

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simplex_serviceAs professional Service Managers like Dave Chai would attest, restaurant operations should ideally carry out preventative maintenance every 3-4 months and a major service once a year. However, running a business is not set in stone which leads to the need for service providers to anticipate ad-hoc calls from their customers.
For Simplex to fulfill its mission statement of “Quality First, Service Second to None”, it recognises how equipment downtime can hamper operations and to provide more efficiency, 1800-SIMPLEX hotline was set-up by engaging a reputable Singapore based contact center company that dedicated a team of 5 trained professionals to service
Simplex’s Account, following a systematic procedure:
• Call received by call center.
• Staff trained to take calls and do minor trouble shooting or to pin point problem.
• Report is issued into the system linked via computer to iphones and ipads or notebooks.
• Task is assigned by the system and service personnel can log in to check if they are assigned to it.
• Upon completion of a job, the service team can submit status and completion report using their mobile devices.


The call center’s function of tracking and recording service request enables the team of 18 in-house trained service engineers to receive accurate and real-time information on a job requirement whether equipment check, preventive maintenance and/or changing of spare parts. Business operators can expect a response time ranging from 4
hours to the next business day, depending on the severity of the case. All customers who purchased equipment from Simplex are accorded this service and to keep it focused, the company does not carry spare parts of other brands, instead it provides customers with a full scale professional after-sales service covering accurate analysis of equipment to stocking of relevant spare parts for brands that it carries.


The service team is required to undergo refresher courses trained and certified by the company’s principals each year to keep updated on various equipment sold by Simplex. A van stocked with spare parts travels around Singapore to expedite delivery of parts to the service team and a total of 10 teams mobilised by foot, bike and vans. As for the weekend, 2 teams are always on duty and the in-house department consists of 2 or 3 teams to repair units that are brought back.

1800 – SIMPLEX
1800 – 746 7539