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Price display is especially vital in retail. Nobody likes to see mismatched prices on the aisle, find an item without a price or worse arrive at the counter and the barcode scans a different price than seen on the shelf. So it is the same at the Grocerant where customers should not have to ask the staff about the price. Not only does it take extra time for the staff to find out if they are new but sometimes a customer would have to put back the product if they do not want it. Price tags are expected and is a consumer’s right to know in order to make a decision. In Grocerants, cooked products might be sold according to grammage so prices must be shown to help customers manage their expectation of the amount they will be paying for.

For Grocerant or Deli concepts that provide a seating and dining area, cutlery are usually placed at the end of the line so customers can pick them up on their way after paying. Is your operation running on disposables or otherwise? Of course this would depend on whether it is more economical to run a dishwashing machine or hire labour versus the cost of purchasing disposables. Cutleries should definitely match the price of food so if disposables seems more viable, it would give a better impression to utilise bio-degradable ones.

Plastic or paper cups can also be placed here. Consider leaving condiments such as salt, pepper, sugar, creamer, ketchup and such in this designated area. All these little things can add up to save time from your staff having to move about catering to such requests. Depending on the kind of condiments provided and how much usage is expected, business owners can choose to purchase them pre-packed or have the container with pump which would require extra purchase of sauce plates and cleaning up of the container.

The Grocerant presents diners with a comfortable ambience and food that fills bellies without going over their budget. At that price point, full service is unlikely to be sustainable but what establishments can do is find ways to enhance customers’ experience and these ideas can be your EAT-SSENTIALS!