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The HOST 2013 Review – Nutrime Smart Buffett

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With society being more proactive in learning about nutritional intake, the nutrime smart buffet is designed to help customers learn about the nutrient values of their meal as a step in guiding them to make informed decisions about food consumption. Awarded the “Host Smart Label”, it offers great assistance for people on a special diet who often find it tougher to eat out due to having to count calories or portion sizes.


Wiser And Healthier Eating 

Incorporating the system into its buffet line unit, diners identify themselves with a smartcard and as food is put on the plate, the display panel above immediately weighs the food and how much energy (kcal) it contains. When they have completed putting the meal together, the terminal will print out detailed information about the nutritional value of the meal; indicating the amount of energy, fiber, fats, carbohydrates and protein. Recently tested at a restaurant in Finland, 66% of respondents expressed that using the nutrime smart buffet made a difference on their eating habits as they became more aware of portions and the nutritional value in food products. Restaurants can also program the system to identify the applicability of food to special diets. For detail, customers can choose to receive weekly reports of nutritional analysis directly to an e-mail address, a useful function if the individual eats at the same place regularly.

On The Business Side
The nutrime smart buffet can help operators save on food costs by assessing the average portion taken by customers and adjusting purchase volume. It also gives an idea on customers preferences; more protein, vegetables or grains in their daily diet? Looking through a detailed breakdown of customers’ eating habits facilitates the planning of different food combinations. Or are the customers exclusively following a special eating regime? If this is a factor, the operator can look into offering a tailored menu which definitely improves its services. Even if customers are on a general diet, they will see that you are encouraging better eating and those interested are likely to return. It is also possible to incorporate price of food, set at “value per 100g” which helps customers keep track on their spending and reduce food wastage, giving the business a better profit margin.nutirme4

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