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Efficiently Easing Restaurants IntoThe Future

The Internet of Things, or better known as IoT, has been taking the world by storm and dominating headlines across the globe lately. No longer just a mere concept, IoT is the next logical civilisational step. With continuous advances in technology, we become more empowered by our wearable tech and mobile devices, all of which make up a comprehensive network of helpful utilities and knowledge bases. The only difference now is, IoT will allow these devices to act on our behalf instead of waiting for us to make the first move.

To put it more simply, the Internet of Things is a medium to connect anyone and anything to the World Wide Web. This goes beyond already linked devices such as computers, mobile phones and hi-tech machinery to now include everthing from coffee machines to hair dryers. In other words, the Internet of Things takes “dumb” inanimate objects and makes them smart, thus enabling everyday devices (like fridges, watches, lighting systems) to provide high levels of digital intelligence data between the inanimate object and the user, without any human intervention. These ordinarily inanimate objects with “a mind of their own”, in form, will relieve us of all those tiring, mundane troubles we are often overwhelmed with.

The power and potential of IoT has already allowed ordinary citizens to enjoy smart homes, smart cars, smart offices and even smart kitchens. Today, we have refrigerators that inform us when we are low on butter or mobile monitoring cameras that allow us connect over a cellular or wireless network to monitor our valuables anytime, anywhere. Now imagine what the Internet of Things can do for a restaurant and its entire operations!

Like many other brick-and-mortar businesses facing fierce online competition, restaurants are under increasing pressure to deliver much more than just a great meal. The diners of today expect a more convenient, engaging and seamless dining experience than ever before, and restaurants are turning to technology to meet this demand. To deliver a richer dining experience for customers, many restaurants today have embraced the Internet of Things to gain a firm handle on daily operations, inventory, resource and energy management, speed and accuracy of service, quality and safety of food, wastage prevention and, equipment maintenance.

From the Front-of-House to the Back-of-House, below are some examples of how IoT has created a new wave of connected restaurants through gadgets and equipment via the World Wide Web.