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Whether you run a restaurant or catering business, time goes by very fast, especially in the kitchen. Stacks of plates, cups, glasses and cutlery must be hygienically cleaned in no time at all. To ease this process, Winterhalter, the German warewashing specialist presents the new C50 rack conveyor dishwasher, a product which has been developed for top performance and designed for the highest speeds. With compact dimensions and modules that can be combined individually, the C50 promises perfect wash results in a small space.

In terms of modularity, the C50 impresses with two additional, optional zones: the pre-cleaning zone expands the main wash zone, increasing the machine’s rack capacity for higher wash loads. Improved drying in the drying zone means that clean washed items can be used straight away. Both zones can also be retrofitted at a later date.

In addition to an improved drying capacity, the new rack conveyor dishwasher also supports other key features, including:

1. Absolute Flexibility – with its various equipment options, the C50 can be ordered either as a “single rinse” version with compact external dimensions and optimised intervals between the internal washing process or as a “dual rinse” version with only a little more space requirement, but with an additional pump rinse for the optimum removal of particles.

2. Maximum Performance And Speed – the warewashing system can handle up to 260 racks per hour and customers can adjust the wash cycle to suit the volume of wash items with three different speed levels.

3. Highest Washing Quality And Hygiene Standard – the C50 comes with a double-skinned hygiene door and deep-drawn tank bottom for less limescale and dirt deposits, double filtration system with a pump inlet filter and a fully covering flat strainer. Absolute hygiene safety is guaranteed by the standard tank heating performance with a powerful 18 kilowatts and the ‘HighTemp’ upgrade with 27 kilowatts. The boiler heating always operates with a stable 27 kilowatts independent of the water pressure provided on-site: this guarantees consistent and perfect rinse results and improves subsequent drying.

4. Easy To Install, Operate And Clean – The display panel on the C50 is self-explanatory and language-neutral. The automatic programs will assist the operator with the cleaning and the tank regeneration ensures a quick emptying and refilling of the machine if water is heavily contaminated thus allowing the C50 to be ready for operation in around 15 minutes and guarantees hygiene during peak hours.

Every industry has its own requirements when it comes to washing. But they all have one thing in common: a need for high quality cleaning and maximum hygiene. The new userfriendly Winterhalter professional rack conveyor dishwasher C50 meets this requirement: with compact dimensions and modules that can be combined individually, this warewashing system is designed for maximum performance and speed, absolute flexibility and the highest washing quality and hygiene standard. Winterhalter customers will not only get fast but perfect wash results every time.

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