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TOOLS OF THE TRADE, made to fit for each chef

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High volume food production made easy

Success is hardly ever a one-man show and it is the same when it comes to creating memorable culinary experiences. Chefs and equipment work in sync; a harmony of machinery and human creativity to bring out the best in ingredients, exactly what Nayati is built upon – without chefs, it would cease to exist because the company strives to provide the solutions to where chefs cook, what they cook, how, the when and the why. Marking 30 years in the food service industry since founded by Mr. Thendy Susanto who saw the opportunity in Indonesia, the company’s foray into the business begun with the production of an open burner for a hospital’s kitchen. It worked on its products in Semarang, Indonesia and today, Nayati manufactures a range of solutions from its factory boasting 20,000 m2 in sizealongside its other factory in Jiangmen, China.


The St. Regis Hotel, Bali

In the business world, some choose to focus on one item and do it well, but where Nayati is concerned, it sees Asia as a continent with diverse cultures that bring up a multitude of food and dining styles. It is not surprising for one to travel 100kms from an original point and find a different approach in food. Speaking of traveling, globalisation and accessibility have made moving around the world so easy; yet for many, homesickness is part of the journey. Food is one of the strongest reminders of home and Nayati aims to partner Chefs to prepare food as close to home as possible in fulfilling the comfort that frequent travelers seek. With such demanding requirements from people who keep the food industry alive, options for equipment are always welcomed by chefs and business owners; perhaps even more when they have a trusted supplier as it saves them time, and Nayati comes in with the edge of being in tune with local culture regardless of the establishment’s location.


Keeping traditions alive

A commercial kitchen would not be able to operate at maximum capacity without the proper equipment for food preparation. From its first item manufactured, Nayati continues strengthening its portfolio in the cooking department, keeping with the industry’s move towards technology with Combi-steamers. It does not dismiss the importance of single functioning items as some businesses are niche and examples that meet these types of demands include a deep fryer, pasta station or teppanyaki stove. Culturally aware, its production line includes the Oriental and Chinese series catering to chefs who are rooted in the traditional methods with its Gas wok stoves
and its line of Western series encompasses the Grandis, Meritus and Amicus range that supply kitchens with equipment such as fry tops, char broilers, tilting pans according to capacities as required by a business. Its commitment to partner chefs to build the right workhorses for them has led to the Gourmet Master series featuring the Ellipse and Supreme Block stoves that can be made following the chef’s discerning demands. For diners, the experience of visual appeal and flavours are what matters most but for chefs to achieve this for their guests, it is more than just cooking up a storm. The processes ahead matters a lot and to give chefs peace of mind on freshness and optimum serving temperatures; Nayati’s bar counters, storage, cabinets or counter style refrigeration systems completes the process of bringing food or drinks from its raw form to the table. Speaking of bars, sipping cocktails and creative beverages has become one of the most popular social activities in modern times and Nayati’s commitment to provide solutions to as many types of businesses possible results in the extensive items in the Bar Line.


Evolution of the essential gas stove

For any manufacturer to attain such level of recognition, certification is vital. Nayati’s food service solutions are stamped with CE which asserts that they meet all the essential requirements of the European Directive on environment and safety, DVGW Certification certifies all products meet technical regulations for safety and reliability of gas and supply whilst the SVGW Certification covers the same as DVGW Certification but in the Switzerland market; and capping it off with ISO 9001:2008 for Quality Management Systems (QMS) that assesses the management side to achieve customer satisfaction. Part of customer and environment care is the responsibility of food establishments on safety and cleanliness of items that are served. This means quality from refrigeration to keep foods at safe levels for consumption and the washing process with its dishwashers to efficiently clean racks after racks of dishes without leaving any debris that may cause food borne infection while potwashing machines are built specifically for the large items which traditionally would require soaking and hard scrubbing by hand. Yet machinery can be taxing on resources like energy and water thus automation is an important factor and Nayati’s dishwashing solutions allows users to customise washing and rinsing durations according to the amount of items to be washed so that cleaning is carried out effectively and does it part in caring for the environment.


Achieving global standards of hygiene


Nayati Factory, Indonesia

Being at the forefront in the Indonesian market, Nayati has witnessed how it is an ideal platform to engage with customers all over the world. Through the adaptation of western technology and its modern and well-equipped factories, equipment bearing the Nayati logo has found its way from St. Regis Hotel in Bali all the way to Hyatt in Kiev, to name a few and educational institutions like Berjaya University. It has also a part in the entertainment world as the brand’s Gourmet Master Ellipse Kitchen Block was commissioned to complete the setup for a Korean drama that revolved around cooking.


Amada Cutting Machine

Amada Cutting Machine

In an arena where overseas brands tend to dominate, Nayati has made a statement that a home-grown brand can achieve similar standards, boosted with support from the food and beverage and hospitality community in its locality. And the brand looks forward to greater journeys to places with its key ability of resonating with the local food culture and its professionals.


Salvagnini Turning Lathe










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