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undercounter refrigerators

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UndercounterUndercounter – Undercover. Basically that explains what the undercounter is most fittingly. The chiller or freezer normally placed under a counter or the unit has 2 purposes and is sometimes seldom seen as its core function – a chiller or freezer.

Most commercial kitchens use the top as a worktable and in a busy kitchen – you would not notice them, as its top would be crowded with things in a kitchen. However, with its ability to perform both functions – many designers specify these units specially to save space.

There are options available for them compared to the reach-in despite its smaller stature. There are units that have option of either solid or glass door. Glass door chiller units are a common preference selected by bars or pubs. You can have them as pass through units as well – which works well for a banquet kitchen – where preparation and cooking are separated in a production line manner.

The other feature that some undercounter has is the drawer system unit. It is ideal for kitchens that have many items on their menu with pre-packing done off site. A drawer works great as a divider for date and time – thus making it easy for a restaurant to operate a FIFO – first in, first out rule.

And besides operating as a worktable, there are some which have been customized to fit specific purposes. Pizza prep table and sandwich and salad tabletops are 2 common undercounters with specific tops. But there are many fabricators who have designed other customized unit.

Undercounters normally have its compressors to one side of unit – therefore it is important to note that the equipment placed next to it should not be emitting great heat in order to have a longer life expectancy.

In our next issue – we will look into tips of selecting commercial refrigerators. Stay Tuned.

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For smaller business, i think it is always important that you would source undercounter chillers or freezers from vendors that also provide after sales service. Many small businesses buy used or older undercounter chillers and freezers without considering the efficiency in energy consumption. Out of all the equipment you find in the kitchen, the chillers and freezers are the only ones that are constantly running, consuming energy and releasing heat. Purchasing an efficient undercounter together with technical advise from the vendors can help you to shave off unnecessary costs on energy bills…

“Have casters built in units with a good lock. Helps when you need to clean out the kitchen or when maintenance is necessary. Purchasing one from a vendor that can help you sit in specific tops would also make it convenient for some restaurants – such as salad bars”