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Specialty equipment to create a variety of taste sensations that can take a diner down a different journey in eating.

The Anti-Griddle does the exact opposite of what a griddle does. Instead of a surface that sears hot food, chefs can place liquid-based morsels of their creation on the -30°F ‘griddle’ and it will instantly be transformed into solid or semi-frozen pieces. The technique helps develop dualtexture items to give a visual and textural edge in dishes. Think about a frozen ball of dressing that slowly melts onto the plate or make edible frozen ornaments as garnish.

“Sonicates”is the action of the SONICPREP TM Ultrasonic Homogenizer which applies low heat vibrations of sound energy to provide a different way of combining ingredients and techniques. The equipment consists of a generator, converter, probe and sound box working to release highfrequency ultrasonic vibration waves to expand and collapse microscopic bubbles at 20,000 cycles per second. In just 2-3 minutes, chefs can give brandy a flavour effect with wood chips, intensify stock flavours or degas and homogenise wine for a fuller taste.

In what the brand terms as ‘pacotizing’, Pacojet lets chefs take fresh or frozen foods and turn them into ice creams, sorbets, mousses, soups, sauces and even fillings without the need to thaw them first. This helps maintain flavours, natural colours and nutrients of the food while the proportionaly sized beakers allows chefs to only ‘pacotize’ what they need. The Pacojet 2 has an optional Coupe Set that can be used to expand its application to process non-frozen foods such as raw/cooked meat, fruits, fish, eggs or chop, mince, purée, whip, cream, foam and/or mix to the desired texture in just 60 seconds all without generating heat.

Thermomix takes up minimal space on a worktop and lets chefs prepare a multi-course meal such as cooking items like potatoes, fish, vegetables, and soup at the same time. Running on one stainless steel knife and 4 blades that can per form up to 10,000 rotations per minute at 250km/h; Thermomix can beat, blend, chop, cook, emulsify, knead, mill, mix, steam, stir, weigh and heat to precision. With 10 speed settings from 40-10,200 revolutions per minute and adjustability of temperature from 37°C-100°C, flexibility is achieved when preparing a wide range of food items. Its latest evolution, Thermomix TM5 introduces a new Guided Cooking feature that takes users through recipes on the Recipe Chip step-by-step; only requiring one to weigh and add ingredients as the time, temperature and speed needed for each step are preset. This means a chef gets more time to explore possibilities instead of constantly watching the food cook.

Traditionally, we would need the sun to dehydrate food items. The Excalibur Dehydrator is built using the same working principle, providing users a hasslefree method of getting out all the moisture from ingredients to intensify its sugars and flavours. A more technical explanation would be dry air that blows from the fan makes way for oxidation to affect colour enhancement and richer tastes. The device is equipped with an Adjustable Thermostat to dry food at a low temperature which does not destroy the enzymes of fruits and vegetables.

Each bowl is independent with its own SD card and software, allowing one to work on 2 different recipes or double a recipe at the same time. It encompasses more than 20 functions across the mise en place and cooking process:
• Preparation – cutting, whipping, kneading, pulverising, doughing, etc
• Hot Cooking – sous vide, roasting, caramelising, chocolate tempering, pasteurising, etc
Its powerful 1500W motor is capable of up to 12,500 rpm with 26 different speeds while cooking temperatures can reach up to +190°C and cool down to -24°C. Chefs can be more productive and spend less time super vising as the device comes with more than 250 pre-stored recipes on the SD card which is expandable for saving own recipes and anyone can run the operation. The special WT (Wait Temperature) function ensures per fect results regardless of initial quantities and temperatures of ingredients as the timer only star ts when the selected temperature is achieved.