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Baking is no longer confined to a bakery. Today’s demand for baked goods can be found in convenience stores, supermarket counters and even fast food chains.

UNOX introduces the BAKERLUX SHOP.Pro, a range of ovens designed for baking frozen baked goods in commercial spaces where the actual baking process is now an attraction for many.

To offer their customers an equipment best suited to each individual business concept, UNOX introduces a range of the BAKERLUX SHOP.Pro.

BAKERLUX SHOP.ProTM GO – a convection oven, suitable for baking frozen croissants and finishing pre-baked frozen bread. Ideal for cafes, snack bars or smaller retail shops.

BAKERLUX SHOP.ProTM LED – an easy to use convection oven where users have the option to control humidity and fan speed for delicate items.

BAKERLUX SHOP.ProTM TOUCH – the one touch unit where the users can easily store and name baking programs coupled with UNOX’s quick and intuitive programming.

BAKERLUX SHOP.ProTM MASTER – the unit that comes complete with UNOX’s functions and features such as CHEFUNOX automatic baking programs, MULTI. Time technology where you can bake up to 10 different items at the same time and its READY. Bake functions – the quick and easy to use presets for the inexperience to get perfect results. Other UNOX features such as the AUTO. Matic intelligent door, DDC. Stats, ADAPTIVE. COOKINGTM, AUTO. SOFT and more are standard features and available in this top line unit as well.

* Connectivity via the internet is available in the BAKERLUX SHOP.ProTM MASTER and TOUCH models as well.

All the BAKERLUX SHOP.ProTM ovens can be easily fitted with Hoods or placed on top of compatible proofers for that complete baking solution. UNOX’s commitment to your baking needs is further enhanced with the availability of their wide range of accessories.

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