Evolution of Commercial Kitchen & It’s Equipment.

mise en place

(French pronunciation: [mi zɑ̃ ˈplas])

– A term in professional kitchens for “everything prepared and in its place” – reflecting the importance of having the right information with the right tools.

We see mise en place beyond ingredients. It is an overall concept that starts from preparing a competent workspace before the great launch of your restaurant. There is a vacuum on the groundwork and technical aspect as many budding (even seasoned) restaurateurs lament the difficulty in sourcing advice, equipments or even just a channel that updates on the trends in commercial kitchen and equipments.

This insight struck a chord and MISE EN PLACE was born. Bringing together consultants, chefs, manufacturers, solution providers and the latest news in the niche field of commercial kitchens, we endeavour to be the meeting point between the industry players and consumers in creating a more effective and efficient workflow at the backend of food outlets, no matter the size or type.

A quarterly publication, MISE EN PLACE is published by Ink On Paper Media, founded upon the belief that a physical reference material still holds ground in the advent of online media, where information is at one’s fingertips. The idea of putting together a magazine was sparked when the company’s partners saw how a minor miscalculation or misstep can impact a layout. With their experience as a buyer, they also saw the void where new players have limited exposure in comparison to other services in the hospitality industry.

The company envisions that MISE EN PLACE reaches the point of being widely acknowledged as “the” dedicated platform for commercial kitchens – the heartbeat of any restaurant. Right from the get-go, it has been our aim to be a channel that provides all information related to commercial kitchens, be it for service providers or buyers.