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Vintage sturdy furniture, wooden racks, antique knickknacks and the petite floral coffee cups round up the elegant European vibe. The style originated from the Meiji Restoration era where Japan was promoting the study, culture …

Ian Yaptokyo pastry: WHERE EAST-MEETS-WEST
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raising a BAKERY

In Business Sense, Concept & Design

WHOLESALE BAKERY • Products usually placed in grocery stores catering to regular needs for items like sliced breads or buns. • Requires a production kitchen with adequate equipment to cope with significantly …

Ian Yapraising a BAKERY
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rise of the FLOUR

In Business Sense, Concept & Design

Sometimes, all breakfast has to be (to me, at least) is good bread with quality butter and coffee to begin the day. As eating culture evolves, bakers have introduced us to many …

Ian Yaprise of the FLOUR
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The Business of Concession Stands

In Concession

Little stalls stationed by the roadside, at fairgrounds or in shopping malls, even those that are on wheels are some of the most sustainable businesses in the F&B world. For one, it caters …

Ian YapThe Business of Concession Stands