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a sweet treat anytime with ICETEAM 1927

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MF_Article02_1Stroll down the streets of Italy and you’d probably see more than a handful of people enjoying a cone or cup of gelato as they walk. Cemented as the ‘national dessert’ of the nation, the Italian version differs from ice-cream as you would notice it is creamier, smoother, silkier as well as having a more elastic texture than regular ice-cream. One does not serve gelato with the round ice-cream scoop but use a spade like scoop to cut through its density which is derived from the minimal air whipped into it. The ‘old school’ method of making gelato comprised of mixing egg yolks (as the main stabiliser) to ingredients like sugar and milk before heating it up and chilled. It was followed by the batching process where gelato is frozen and whipped up to incorporate air for its smooth and dense texture. A tedious process, it limited producers to only make a few flavours at once due to the short shelf life. To make the gelato process easier, one Mr Otello Cattabriga invented a mechanical system that recreated the “Stir and Stick”movement of traditional ice cream making. This was back in 1927 and the technology enabled people to make better business out of selling gelato when they can produce more in volume and flavours in less time.

MF_Article02_2This little story can be considered the beginning of IceTeam 1927; a company comprising 4 major brands manufacturing equipment for primarily gelato and icecream making. The brands Cattabriga, Coldelite, Promag and OTT Freezer were individual brands under the umbrella of ALI Group before they were merged in 2010 to inject competitiveness in the market by providing a comprehensive business solution through one company. The innovation of each brand is instrumental in inspiring IceTeam to create its own range such as the IceTeam Soft ice cream maker as well as combination machines that are applicable for pastry and gastronomy.

A pasteurisation machine ensures that the milk used for gelato is free from any pathogenic microbes before being mixed in the batch freezers that come in horizontal and vertical options. Cattabriga’s signature EFFE vertical batch freezer is a true reflection of artisanal gelato making that incorporates air in a more natural way for a softer and creamier consistency. While the machine takes the load of mixing, it allows for a personal touch as the gelato maker can hand-mix the product with the paddle before extraction. Additionally, there are no computer sensors or timers to signal its completion therefore the end result is only determined by the experience of its maker. The EFFE is small enough to be set up in a constrained space and can even be the business’ showstopper as customers stop and watch gelato being made and possibly be enticed to try it straight out of the machine. The range is completed with the provision of blast freezers and automatic cream whipping machines. Users can fur ther compact their operations by choosing the Compacta that combines a pasteuriser and batch freezer in a single unit.

How many of us are enticed by the feather y light texture of a soft serve ice cream in a pretty swirl atop a crunchy cone? A lighter dessert option, it is prepared by introducing air into the mix while freezing and has become a staple in many fast food outlets; as a to-go treat or a meal after thought which also costs very little to enjoy. Between Tom Carvel, Dairy Queen and even Margaret Thatcher (yes, the UK former Prime Minister), there has been no definite answer as to who the world can thank for this creation but what’s for sure is that it opened the door for the manufacturing of such machines. The IceTeam Soft range of BIB (standing for Brilliant Idea Born Again) offers easy-to-operate and easy-to-maintain units to prepare soft ser ve or frozen yoghurt treats in standard calibrations of one cabinet and two tanks with an optional BIB (bag in box) system comprising of a bag filled with liquid mix and directly connected to the pump.

Some businesses may think of expanding their repertoire a little but are cautious about investing in huge machines. This is where IceTeam 1927 seeks to meet this demand by proposing its multifunction range whereby a standalone Masterchef machine is able to perform the work of three chefs in a sole unit. One can use it to prepare gelato, custard and even sauces while the Compacta Vario is the smaller version that does the same activities.

Headquartered in Italy, IceTeam 1927 is housed within a 25.000 mq area that is divided between 12.000 mq warehouse, 13.000 mq Production plant with a total of 50-60 personnel. Niche is what would describe the manufacturer as it strives to continue its growth within this market segment. On top of creating the solutions in the machinery form, it also runs gelato making courses to further equip individuals going into business or even if they are simply interested in the art and science of gelato making. The program is a combination of theory and practical aspects:

• What is Gelato?
• Raw materials analysis
• Production cycle and laboratory equipment
• Analysis and production of gelato recipes and fruit sorbets with base
• Balancing and production techniques
• Computer helping during balancing processes and establishment of PAC and POD
• Food intolerances
• Hygienic rules and practical applications
• Gelato production and fruit sorbets with base 50
• Diplomas

ice4Already a household name in its home country and neighbouring countries and region, IceTeam 1927 is now setting its sights on Asia; knowing that the diverse demographics have an appreciation for artisanal food products while food business entrepreneurs are constantly coming up with creative takes on tradition. It also recently added Electro Freeze, a manufacturer of soft ice-cream and frozen yoghurt equipment to its stable of brands in adding relevance to its reputation as a specialist in cold desserts, yet one that also places importance on versatility of its equipment. And ice-cream is something that we know will always have a place in peoples’ hearts!