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creating a CENTERPIECE

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Food is a sensory experience and a large part of consumer psychology begins with the visual landscape. Think about why buffet lines are often elaborate and well-decorated? Consumers have to taste with their eyes first! Apart from the abundance of food, centerpieces and garnishes were considered equally important to the whole buffet.

Based on this philosophy, food arrangement is vital for grocerant concepts with various cuisine types served and when food is fresh; any operator aspires to finish selling them each day. Sometimes, grocerants will also introduce premium, seasonal or special items as a centerpiece. How can you enhance the dining in a grocerant experience? Food quality is a given. And we think it is also possible to incorporate small wares or equipment into your restaurant area of the grocers to enhance the experience; both visually and functionally. Here are some suggestions:

Establishments selling cooked food through the day must ensure the foods are kept at temperatures safe for serving -at 60°C or hotter. Induction holding solutions are suitablebecause they provide consistent heat and are safe; plus potentially looks more elegant.

Garland Induction Tabletop Heat Retaining Unit RTCSmp Hold-Line

RTSCmp stands for Real-Time Temperature Control System which communicates with the generator to provide individual trays of food the necessary power to maintain safe temperature. Business owners can use most shapes of holding vessels, particularly eye-catching ones as the induction surface has less restrictions compared to a deep sink bain-marie. Only the area where a vessel is placed will be hot thus it will be safer for servers or self-serving customers to manage the food. On top of that, the range of tabletop induction units can be incorporated into a comprehensive undercounter system such as with refrigeration, ovens, plate warming or even in an open clean space.

Gastros Switzerland InductWarm®

Available in a comprehensive buffet system, the InductWarm® Buffet ensures that quality of food is maintained at optimum quality in terms of colour, consistency and nutrient retention for all-day service. The system operates without water therefore covers retain only the dishes’ own moisture instead of them cooling down and drying out from above. It also comes in singular tabletop units or built-in ones housed in specifically designed tables. All InductWarm® systems come with remote control to allow the crew to conveniently select one of four different temperature levels for each warning zones so that the right temperature for specific items is guaranteed. It is also energy-efficient as it will detect and switch off warming zones automatically when a dish is removed from the induction plate and reactivateat the same temperature when put back again.

Provision of water is something many customers will appreciate in dining establishments. Having a dispenser allows them so serve themselves thus reduces the need for staff to continuously refill cups. Blupura recommends table / counter top units that are designed with aesthetics and practicality in mind. The ECOCHIC I.T.Is a counter top watercooler able to dispense up to 80 litres or 150 litres of water / hour and features:

e_article1_6• Stainless steel housing with blue Plexiglas inser ts
• Natural gas R290 for ‘fizz’ sensation
• Dispensing point for bottles up to 37cm
• Electronic Commands or Manual mechanical tap
• Ice-bank level indicator visible from outside
• Replenishment of the ice-bank through connection
e_article1_7Alternatively, Blupura’s Top Control water dispenser can be used strictly by staff to fill up water containers to be placed at every table. Its slim design is a spacesaving solution while touch screen control makes work easy. Portion Control allows two bottles to be filled automatically at the same time which improves efficiency. All its electrical parts are housed below the counter so users don’t have to worry about unsightly parts seen by customers.

Beer mugs are often frosted to add an extra layer to keep the drink cool but these glasses are typically just kept in a refrigerator. Spritzy introduces the market to its functional and attractive solution that can add a fun factor to your business; beer mugs or just regular glasses. Compact enough to be placed on a counter top, these glass icers works to give glasses the frosted look as well as sanitise by eliminating possible unpleasant odours in the glass post-wash. A patented systems controls the high pressure deliver y of CO2 without requiring mechanical parts and SPRITZY is quickly activated by a touch sensor placed on the cover. 3 seconds is all it takes to freeze and sanitise any type of glass. Maintenance is simple as SPRITZY only needs regular basic cleaning while the LED-light ambient effect is designed to grab diners’ attention.

There is something attractive about a live car very especially for freshly roasted meats. Keep the station warm with a heated lamp that also ser ves as the centerpiece. It also gives a vibe that these premium roasts or deli items are exclusive and not available daily thus fur ther psyching a consumer to try while they are there.