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hot EQUIPMENT – rotating rack oven

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Bakeries that bake a variety of items would consider a large unit such as this because it is essentially a walk-in oven with shelves that are able to hold multiple trays. It allows you to bake all products that need the same time at once, ensuring even baking and time savings. It works with low velocity fans blowing hot air evenly from top to bottom throughout the baking chamber. Most models today are programmable in terms of temperature, steam generation, timing and more. This frees up the baker from having to constantly check on the products and accomplish other tasks after loading and selecting the bake cycle.

Look into its heat distribution ability which comes from the heat exchanger to provide maximum heat transfer and uniform distribution. The condition of air flow should be strong enough to evenly distribute heat but does not dry out products and adjustable vents can help improve control over airflow. Working alongside airflow is steam; important for breads and because external steam systems are possibly inefficient, look for an oven with a self-contained, high-volume steam generator. Steam should work with airflow not against it with a sizeworthy damper to evacuate the steam when needed.
The regular criteria for purchase would be checking overall dimensions of the oven if it fits your kitchen’s space with adequate space in front to fully open the door and to manouvere racks in and out of the chamber. Rotating rack ovens require at least 9 feet of overhead clearance and a floor drain behind the cabinet.

In terms of control panel, programmability can be an advantage as it allows users to save several multi-stage baking profiles so it does not have to be calibrated every day thus reducing possibility for errors. Try figuring around the control panel before purchasing and make sure that it is easy to understand, comfortable to press and the display panel easy to read.