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nectar1More individuals are now embracing a healthier lifestyle. But because of modern-day’s busy schedule and scarcity of healthier meal options, healthy eating and drinking become a challenge to many. Thanks to technological advancement, cold-pressed machines are now available to provide pure and healthy fruit and vegetable juice products.

In the Philippines, Fruit Magic pioneered the juice bar industry when Dr. Alan Escalona, President and CEO of the company, conceptualised the juice bar business in 1993. A medical doctor by profession, Dr. Escalona was driven by his strong passion for influencing and educating people to drink fresh juice and live a healthy lifestyle to prevent illnesses.

Fruit Magic, a popular Filipino brand offering fruit shakes and smoothies, prepared the juice right in front of their customers. However, this traditional juicing process is now a thing of the past. The 24-year old Fruit Magic now transitions into Pure Nectar, a fresh brand that offers its customers 100% natural cold-pressed juice products.

Dr. Escalona encountered the cold-pressed juice in the U.S. about two and a half years ago. He fell in love with the concept and the taste, which sparked his interest in knowing more about the product. After more research, he decided that introducing cold-pressed juices is the best strategy to innovate his product offering.

nectar2“We thought of creating another brand so people would know that we are now offering something different and better than what Fruit Magic used to offer. Cold-pressed juices are pure vegetables or fruits, with no refined sugar. There is sugar content, but it’s natural, purely nectar. Hence, the name Pure Nectar.”

They leverage on the existing Fruit Magic stores to showcase their cold-pressed juices. Dr. Escalona said it took them about 6 months to educate the market about what makes Pure Nectar different and why cold-pressing produces better quality juice than the old juicing system.

During cold-pressing, fruits and vegetables are squeezed by applying 14,000 pounds of intense pressure of cold-pressed machine to extract maximum nutrients. No additives, preservatives, and artificial sweeteners are added to the juice, making them healthy and great tasting.

“One of my biggest problems then was when I send the raw materials to the store and they don’t sell right away, they got rotten. With Pure Nectar, we use a freezer technology that can preserve the product for 14 days.”Now, there are no more spoiled products.

Pure Nectar also guarantees the freshness of its products. Only newly harvested vegetables and fruits are used and pressed the same day to ensure all vitamins and minerals are extracted. The bottled juice products are immediately placed in super cooling refrigeration systems to maintain freshness. They are then distributed to the stores and channels in the afternoon or latest the next day.

Pure Nectar is distributed in about 40 Fruit Magic locations in the Philippines and around 100 locations of their partner establishments. The brand continues to grow and more establishments express interest in partnering with them. Pure Nectar also embarks to expand to the global market.