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KEEP COOL… maintenance tips for your REFRIGERATORS

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refrigerator1icon6Refrigerators – the ultimate necessity in every kitchen. Used in the kitchen and bar area, most of the time there is more than 1 in a restaurant.

And like any equipment and machinery, maintenance is important and with this equipment running 24 hours, it would be wise to ensure that it is well maintained.

There are a few areas where you should ensure is kept clean to optimize the performance.

These parts should be cleaned at least once a month if possible. It is normally exposed and would gather dust easily.

• Condenser Coil or heat exchanger – normally with a brittle brush and sweep it downwards. Due to exposure to the environment in the kitchen which is commonly exposed to oil, light dust that sticks to this part can turn to grease and harden over time. This would then reduce the proper ventilation necessary for your condenser.

icon3** DANGER!!
Ensure that the unit is switched off and unplugged before cleaning is done. Please refer to your operating manual or consult a technician before cleaning.

• Before cleaning the interior, please remove all contents inside the unit.

With interiors normally built using stainless steel or colourbond, do not clean the surface with abrasive scrubs or use strong chemical during cleaning. Just lukewarm water and mild soap would suffice to clean the inside of the unit.

Shelves should also be cleaned frequently to ensure that food placed are not expose to contamination from residues from last week’s produce.

Wipe gaskets with lukewarm water and check your gaskets to ensure that the seals are tight. Some gaskets wear out faster than others but it can be replaced for many. A good working gasket keeps the temperature and allows your refrigerator to perform as it should be.

To test the seal of your gasket, close the door with a piece of paper in between. After closing the door, try to remove the piece of paper in between and there should be a slight resistance when pulling it out. If not, your gasket might not have a proper seal.

Make sure that you have a technician on your dialing list. Look into scheduled maintenance packages wherever possible as a smart move in protecting your investments. Operating 24/7 – it makes more sense to ensure that it is per forming optimally.

Check the temperature a few times a day. The temperature should not fluctuate too much as it may compromise the quality of the food kept inside.

And the golden rule – DO NOT OVERSTUFF your fridge OR PLACE HOT ITEMS INSIDE. Overstuffing the fridge prevents proper cold air circulation within the fridge- thus the food in certain sections of the fridge may not be kept at the correct temperature. And placing hot or boiling items inside the unit will force the compressor to work overtime or more than what it is programmed to run.