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Moduline, a young and dynamic company with a total resident staff of 40 people, produces quality equipment for professional kitchens. Thanks to a production site of 16,000 sq, all products are manufactured on-site in order to respond to the user requirements and to the operating economy of scale.

Moduline was founded almost 30 years ago by its president and founder Natalino Lazzer, who is also the founder of Lainox (today part of the Ali Group), and the co-founder of Firex Srl (today a property of Middleby Group of Companies). Lazzer was always interested in creating a family-owned company in the foodservice business, specialising in buffets, freeflow, self-service and drop-in counters. He had much experience in kitchen design to support his ambition and this embarked the manufacturing journey of the company.

Thus, Moduline began to invest in food service trolleys, both hot and cold to become the leader in mobile and built-in hot holding solutions. Included in the list are hot drawers, cabinets, trolleys, and hospital food trolleys.

Along the journey came the vision to move into the regeneration and re-thermalisation business. At this time, the demand for equipment under this category was high in Europe in the hospitality and public food and beverage (F&B) operating companies. Now, a majority of French, Spanish, Belgian, and Dutch schools are equipped with Moduline’s regeneration oven.

Feeling the need to innovate and provide more specific solutions to the foodservice industry, Moduline moved into the production of pressure steamers in the last decade. Today, Moduline is 1 of the only 5 manufacturers of this niche product in the world, with a reputation for its electronic control and high-precision facility. It didn’t stop there. Three years ago, Moduline decided to make way for another breakthrough in the Italian food equipment industry by releasing the Cryogen nitrogen line of blast freezers.

Moduline’s production facility, located in Via dell’Industria 11, Vittorio Veneto, Italy, is a build-to-order driven factory. The whole process that transcends from sales to production to delivery is ISO9002 certified with yearly inspection. In fact, in year 2020, Moduline is expected to move towards lean production especially in the areas of production. At the present time, however, the production is subdivided into 5 main areas – cold equipment; hot holding equipment; pressure cookers; combi steamers; and regen ovens.

As a result of dedicating more focus to the hot holding and regeneration equipment, one product that undeniably stands out in the industry is the Nitrogen Blast Chiller. Being the only company in Italy to produce equipment of such nature, Moduline considers the freezing equipment nowadays to be one critical equipment in the foodservice Industry. “Preserving the quality of food and rationalising their purchase method is highly important to facilitate advanced or off-price peak season purchase, ensure food safety, and maintain organoleptic characteristics of the food,” said Filippo Fazio, the Sales Area Manager of Moduline. Having a proper freezing equipment does not only preserve the original quality of the food. When used appropriately, it also allows intra-continents trading of fresh food (vegetables, fish, meat, fruits). In the sequentially bigger picture, the trading expands outsideborders supply and allows industry players to cater to a wide variety of foodservice situations, be it in terms of value, quantity, or quality of meals demanded

Moduline is planning to further expand and focus on the cook&chill sector. The company believes the consistency of food quality while expanding food outlets and meal distribution is only possible through proper food regeneration and correct temperature holding. “Cooking quality is fundamental, yet it is not a standalone. Chilling process and refrigerated preservation are equally important. We say good quality in – good quality out!” as Filippo Fazio said. On the other hand, Moduline will continue to produce specialised equipment for special tasks. “We believe the equipment creation in the food market today should be driven by operators; not the other way around. Manufacturing companies should first learn from the critical elements of food processing and provide the operating company a solution to preserve quality and consistency as the volumes grow.”

Despite the length of the company’s history, Moduline continues to work on producing specialised equipment with the goal of constantly developing technology, while making them easy to use and be serviced. Bearing in mind Moduline’s philosophy of innovation, ease of use, and quality; it is of no surprise that the company will continue to rationalise, innovate, and grow alongside the global foodservice demands.

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