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Still standing at the top, world renowned Robot-Coupe has come a long way as the ultimate inventor of the much needed and used food processor in personal and professional kitchens today.

It’s been a little over 50 years, and Robot Coupe still thrives on its unrivaled quality and performance. The inventor of food processor, available in 130 nations through its vast network of distributors has given its clientele guaranteed sales, installation, after-sales customer service. And, because of the company’s dedication to producing the best of the best available, its commitment to research and development, and its constant striving to give its customers the best customer service and service support available, the Robot Coupe Commercial Food Processor has become the worldwide ‘standard of industry’ for the entire food processing industry-restaurants, schools, correction facilities, hospitals, nursing homes, cruise ships and delicatessens. In the french language, ‘robot’ means food processor and ‘coupe’ means cut.

mf_article2_2The company has become the foodservice industry leader in the development and refinement of food processors, vegetable preparation units, and combination processing units. In 1998 Robot Coupe introduced the “Blixer” – a combination food processor/blender in one machine. This machine enabled the healthcare industry to serve the same foods to everyone in their facility by processing any food for patients with modified diet needs all the way down to tube feedings, if needed, without the loss of any valuable nutrients. For gourmet chefs, the Blixer produces the smoothest and creamiest of purees and patés in just seconds.

With evolving nutritional equipments, chefs especially in the mass catering sector are looking for solutions to serve more fruit and raw vegetables. This is where the brand comes in with a concentration on technology and innovation with an aim to improve the nutritional quality of meals served in school canteens, company cafeterias and healthcare institutions. Along with on-going assistance for their clients that range from trainings, field and marketing support, advice for kitchen planners and chef assistance, Robot Coupe offers these range of products fit for a mighty food prep:


• Robot Cook – for which emulsifying, grinding, mixing, chopping, blending and kneading are just some of its functions.
• Cutters & Vegetable slicers – a range with variable speed and bowl capacity of 2.9 litres to 7 litres.
• Vegetable Preparation Machines – designed to process large amounts of vegetables in no time at all up to 30kg a minute.
• CL60 Complete workstation – where you can accomodate three full-size gastronorm pans to produce 1800kg per hour.