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STARTING your own

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Is this an idea you’re thinking of entertaining in the near future? Fret not because you’re not alone. Many people, in fact one in ten new restaurant owners today want to invest their time and money into turning fruits and vegetables into liquid gold. And that’s to be expected since the fresh juice business is expected to grow from four to eight percent each year. But, remember as with any form business, running a juice bar isn’t as easy as you think. Is running a juice bar something you’d want to do for the next five years? Great service, innovation, and high quality products; and a great location are the key points to be considered of a successful food business.

Beyond Profit And Million Dollar Franchising.
A juice bar works like any other business venture. If your goal is to make lots of money fast, you’ll need to be prepared for high stake losses as well as rewards. Not only do most food and beverage businesses fail in the first year, but depending on where you choose to set up shop, you may find that juice bars have already saturated the market. If you think opening a juice bar will be easy money, think again.

starting2Are You Ready To Nurture This Baby?
You are now the creator of a great juice bar but you may have a good idea that is hard to deliver on a consistent basis. Making a successful concept work requires you or your partner (or someone you can trust) to nurture your business. Consistent care sometimes means being on the premises everyday for the next couple of years.

Are You Willing To Invest In Training If You Have Never Worked In The F&B Industry?
While it is true that one does not need a masters degree in hotel management or food ser vice to own a restaurant; in order to be successful, however, you need to have a basic understanding of what it takes to own and operate any kind of food and beverage business. Have you ever managed a staff or worked a busy service in a kitchen? It works the same way with your juice business. Everything doesn’t just run in the frontline of your beautiful juice bar. Invest in a consultant who can walk you through the process of restaurant management, give you hands on training, and show you what you’ll need to know to be successful.

How Will Your Dream Juice Bar Be Different?
Brooke Bur ton of Food Woolf advised that “anyone thinking about opening their own juice bar concept is to put aside big dreams of cashing in and get clear on why you want to get into the juice bar business. Beyond profit, what will make you jump out of bed in the morning and speed to the juice bar? What sort of impact do you want to make in the world? What will your juices taste like? What will make them different? Write down your guiding principles, sketch out what your juice bar looks and feels like, and ask good people who have gone down this path before to help you and give you guidance.”

Have You Got The Right Equipment?
There are many variety of equipment available and that also depends on your menu. If your juices have ice cream or sherbets added – then you’ll need a chest freezer. And, if you sell wheat grass like many do, it’s important that your work station is able to accommodate that. The set up of a juice bar must always be clean and bright.

Where Does Your Produce Come From?
Another importance about setting up juice business – is the source of your produce. It is important that you can manage supplies of fresh produce for your menu. As a juice bar, it is important that the items in your menu if seasonal has a backup or constant supply.

How You Keep Them Raw And Fresh.
Fruits are also highly sensitive products. The management of your storage to maintain freshness is also compulsory to ensure its shelf life. Whether if you do production such as peeling, cutting into cubes or removing them from seeds, how you keep them should be clean at all times as we do not cook or apply heat. Juices are consumed straight from the juicer. So it is highly important to invest in better storage for the client’s safety and piece of mind.