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TAP IT RIGHT & it makes all the DIFFERENCE!

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All across the media, we are reading about how washing your hands correctly can help prevent the spread of disease. This is, however, not a new development. Washing your hands always has been vital in reducing the spread of bacteria and viruses.

The WHO, among many other sources, clearly states how to wash your hands. But there are more ways to prevent the spread of germs than just correctly washing your hands.

Being in the food and beverage service industry, it is imperative that proper hygiene practices can be maintained easily and practiced daily. Even with just a simple handwashing process, having the right tools makes all the difference.

Did you know your kitchen staff could re-dirty their hands by touching a faucet’s handle to turn the water off, too? Or that the stagnant water in the pipes could dirty their hands? If the handwashing process is done incorrectly, it jeopardizes food safety management and risks cross contamination while food is being prepared.


Additionally, by using a sensor faucet, kitchen operators can prevent re-dirtying their hands and reduce the amount of water wasted because the sensor faucet shuts off while you’re lathering your soapy hands for 20 seconds. With other faucets, the water would keep running, costing you not only water costs but also sewer costs and energy costs.

Some faucets from T&S also have an automatic flush option that flushes the plumbing lines after 12 hours of inactivity to prevent germs from settling and reproducing in water pipes. Additionally, there are options of different power supplies for sensor faucets, including the EC-Hydrogenerator that uses the flow of the water to power the sensor faucet, eliminating the need for replacing batteries or an electrical connection.


If installing a sensor faucet is not an option for you, there are other ways to achieve the same goal of maintaining cleanliness, including wrist-action levers that are designed to be shut off with the back of your hand or wrist instead of your fingers. Alternatively, knee valves or pedal valves require no use of your hands at all.

And in tandem with the general environment today to eradicate the spread of bacteria and viruses, you can also adopt aerators into your systems, as some hospitals and healthcare facilities are doing already. The option of including these special nozzle outlets helps create a laminar flow to avoid airborne diseases from being spread through handwashing, thus contributing to an effective and safer handwashing result.


At least one important lesson that Covid-19 have also brought to the forefront is how we impact the environment. Solutions from sustainable brands like T&S make hygiene options simple and affordable when the cost-of-ownership easily translates into a worry-free experience with access to reliable aftersales support. More importantly, these brands ensure that your investment contributes to more sustainable operations for your business in the long run.

So help protect your colleagues, employees, and your customers by reducing the spread of diseases and the strain on healthcare facilities – responsibly and effectively.

To find out more, you can visit www.tsbrass.com for more information.

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