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There has been various research study on “environmental impact” over the last years and it appears the production of animals and animal’s agriculture for food is the leading cause of the earth’s ecological issues by over 55 percent. Located in Bali, Indonesia, The Seeds of Life believes that nothing will lessen the impact more than eating less meat or eating no meat. By adopting a plant-based lifestyle, the restaurant believes that people do not only become healthier, but also more connected to themselves and their environment.

The unique concept of The Seeds of Life traces the raw beginnings of human diet – prior to the use of ovens, frying pans and oils was the form of diet fit for humans who were spawned out of the “Primordial Soup”. To reintroduce this, the restaurant serves cuisines made up of 100 percent raw vegan ingredients, all of which are prepared under 48C. The temperature control ensures the integrity of the heatsensitive nutrients, proteins, enzymes biophotons and other important elements present in the food. But that doesn’t mean raw foods are only cold. The Seeds of Life serves a variety of dishes like pizzas, soups, Italian and Mexican lasagnas, as well as other dishes that are served warm using dehydrators.

Ben, the founder of The Seeds of Life has been a professional chef and worked in the hospitality industry for 27 years. His passion, on the side, has been for healing arts. He has taken up studies on massage (or physical bodywork), fasting, and curing disease through alternative means, including the internal spiritual arts of healing. Ben also has a qualification from the Cornell University in plant-based nutrition and its’ effects on the human frame alongside other qualifications. His passion for hospitality and healing arts merged one day as Ben began to teach raw food workshops in Australia in 2010. He then moved to Bali to make the most out of fresh produces and tropical fruits where he opened The Seeds of Life Raw Food Academy in 2012. In 2014, he opened The Seeds of Life Cafe serving raw food and Taoist Tonic Bar. Now, he is starting up a fruitarian restaurant, organic bamboo yoga clothing for men made up of organic bamboo material, and a new outlet selling raw food combination snacks in Bali.

“Bali is interesting. It tests your patience. I have a lot of patience and I believe in what I’m doing so I just turn all the little “things” into joy and fun,” Ben said. He explained that another challenge he was faced with is importing the necessary ingredients and materials for his unique business ventures. In The Seeds of Life Cafe, much of tea comes from wild harvests, ancient tea trees, and biodiverse teas from China. In fact, some of the teas come from 800+ year old and 500-year-old tea trees that are picked under the full moon. Similarly, the tonic bar incorporates herbs requires The Seeds of Life to go beyond great lengths to obtain them.

“It’s all about the food really,” Ben said. “I am not preaching veganism – I let people decide for themselves. Nutritional information should be accessible and fun so I make sure I have information about nutrition and make it available so the customers can read if they wish.” He continued, “Of course, we have a bar too, but we don’t serve alcohol. We serve over 56 drinks that are based on the Ayurvedic, Chinese, and Indonesian proven systems of health.” Because these drinks look similar to cocktails and noce drinks, they enhance the human experience rather than diminishing it. “Everything is normal in our restaurant – except that there’s no guilt, no feeling heavy or sleepy after eating. The human body will leave feeling healthier and better than when they walk in,” Ben said.

With popular vegan offerings such as Mexican lasagne, “solbol”, “soljars” and Indian pizza, adopting a plant-based lifestyle definitely seems like a cure in The Seeds of Life. After all, health is wealth and that starts from appropriating what we eat.

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