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braising pans

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Large scale commercial kitchens cannot do without a high capacity equipment to save on labour, time and utility costs. One vital piece of equipment is a braising pan that does more than just braise but grill, fry and simmer. It is also versatile for steaming, boiling stocks and cooking pasta and even act as a proofing box. Most pans of this nature are rectangular though there are round ones, particularly for smaller size models. If you want a little extra, you might find infrared coils in the pan cover that work for browning tops and baking.

Braising pans come in either table models or floor models where the latter is mounted on a set of open legs or a cabinet base. If the kitchen requires a higher capacity equipment, the floor model would be more suitable as it ranges from 19 to 40 gallons in size while table ones go between 10 to 15 gallons. You would find these pans made of stainless steel over an aluminum block or a steel griddle base and fitted with a tilting mechanism, tilting past 90 degrees for easy pouring and typically has a notched spout to keep the liquid flowing straight when poured. Note that the tilting mechanisms can come in manual, hand crank or electric with the hand option most popular due to its self-locking ability. When trying out the cover, ensure that it runs the length of the pan front and also gives the flexibility to raise the cover from its side in order to avoid a blast of steam landing on your hand. Nowadays, you would find covers are usually available with a condensate drip shield and vent.

When it comes to choosing the energy source, both electric and gas has almost the same preheating capabilities but electric models costs about 20% less than gas ones. An electric one costs 20% less to operate, which means less heat transmission, resulting in the HVAC system having to work less to cool the environment. On a general measurement, gas model efficiency charts over 50% compared to electric at 80%. An electric pan is also easier to maintain. Accessories that users might find useful with the equipment include hot and cold water spray hoses, castors for mobility, electronic ignition (gas units), drain valve and hose, food strainer that can be used on the pouring spout and pan racks.


** Special thanks to Firex for providing image depicted in this article.