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In foodservice, it has always been about skills and experience that determines the competency of any professional; regardless of the industry segment they are in. These criteria are important for recognition but to give yourself an edge, the CFSP is one of the certifications to have. The CFSP credential backs up your skill sets, helping you stand out and maximise your advancement potential.

For the first time in this part of the world, industry professionals can now undergo the CFSP program, organised by Singapore Association of Food Equipment Manufacturers and Suppliers (SAFEM). SAFEM was registered with the Registry of Societies, Singapore in 1984 and works to foster networking and partnerships amongst its members
in the industry it represents. Partnering North American Association of Food Equipment Manufacturers (NAFEM)
which started CFSP, the program will be held during FHA2014. CFSP enables organisations to perform more effectively as
added knowledge, globally accepted qualifications results in a motivated team. Amongst the aims of CFSP include:
• Raise professional standards in the foodservice industry
• Encourage continuous education among foodservice professionals
• Offer guidelines for achievement that fosters self-assessment
• As special recognition to competent and ethical foodservice professionals Slated for 7-8th April, the first day will consist of training as per CFSP module and the examination comprising 150 multiple choice and short answer questions will be conducted on the following day. Candidates are required to score 75% and above to qualify for the certification.
CFSP is one of the many education avenues carried out by NAFEM. The trade association which was established in 1987 comprises over 550 foodservice equipment and supplies manufacturers for food preparation, cooking, storage and table service. Part of NAFEM’s role is to represent the industry, especially in Washington to support selected programs and organisations which it sees carries potential to move the industry forward. CFSP is one of the organisation’s many education avenues to ensure the next generation of foodservice professionals is well-equipped to lead the industry forward.

All this while, individuals wanting to earn this certificate had to either travel to Chicago, USA for its day-long seminar that happens annually each August. Alternatively, CFSP can be taken as an online course, at your own pace but the examination is carried out in USA. Based on the CFSP textbook, “An Introduction to the Foodservice Industry”, there is 14 hours’ worth of content and the test will be administered manually. Before enrolling, an individual is required to document 35 points of foodservice experience and is given a year to take the CFSP examination from the time of enrolment and score at least 75% in the written examination. Because learning is lifelong, certified professionals are also required to maintain their certification by earning a minimum of two points through participation in any point-earning activities each year and pay a membership fee. There is no limit on points earned although there are three levels of achievement in the program which you will advance as you earn the required number of points.
• Level III: 35 (minimum number of points required to take the CFSP exam) to 54 points accumulated
• Level II: 55 to 74 points accumulated
• Level I: 75+ points accumulated
To keep records safe and organised, the CFSP online Business Center is available for certified members to report or update their foodservice industry activities for the addition of points, view certification records and status.


SAFEM brings the complete course and its esteemed speaker, Doug Fryett to FHA2014. Founder and President of the Fryett Consulting Group, Doug’s areas of expertise include business strategy development, market analysis, market research, and “voice of the customer” assessment. He once worked with, a foodservice industry web
site and knows how to maximise the potential of the Internet for the industry. Founded in 1989, the Fryett Consulting Group has provided Strategic Positioning consulting with clients principally in the food services / hospitality industry and the healthcare industry in the USA as well as other countries throughout the world.

• The Foodservice Industry – An Overview
• The Channels of Distribution Within The Foodservice Industry
• Foodservice Facility Design
• Utilities – Basic Design Considerations
• Kitchen Ventilation – Basic Design Considerations
• Approval & Third-Party Testing Agencies
• Food Safety & Sanitation
• Food Production – A “Process” Overview
• Receiving & Storage Design & Equipment
• Ingredient Preparation – Equipment Considerations
• Cooking Equipment – Types, Sizes, Applications & Specification Considerations
• Bakery Operations, Equipment & Supplies
• The Service Area – Where Food, Beverages & Service Come Together
• “Front-of-the-House” Design Considerations
• Effective Dishroom Operations & Equipment
• Cook-Chill Production Methods, Systems & Specialized Equipment
• Specialty Markets & Their “Special” Equipment & Supplies Requirements
• Smallwares
• New and Emerging E&S Technology



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