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glass washers

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The options for glass washers range from conveyor, carousel or undercounters. Carousels are usually divided into three sections that follow the process of loading dirty glasses, washing and to hold the clean glasses. Conveyors are the largest type you can find where wares are placed onto the conveyor belt that pulls them through the washing chamber.
For the purpose of beverage service, you can consider investing in an undercounter one that fits into the bar’s work station for quick washing of cups and glasses. Select an interior clearance that is a few inches higher than the tallest glass available in the bar. Calibrated with washing intensity to suit more delicate items like cups and glasses, these units resemble residential washers partly due to its pull down door and smaller size. A glass washer can save space with regards to the number of bar sinks you will require if washing by hand as you need to allocate separate sinks for washing glasses and utensils as well as for preparation.
Glass washers have smaller interior dimensions but will have racks installed for easy holding of cups. Differing from regular dishwashers, glass washers use low-temperatures at the rinse process to help prevent temperature-related breakages. A cooler rinse is also important so that glasses can be ready for use immediately without being warm which will definitely affect the drink it is holding. Due to the lowtemperature during rinsing, it is likely that you will need a small amount of additive to enhance the sanitation. Most manufacturers should provide the appropriate chemical with directions of usage to complement its machine. Depending on brands, the capacity of an undercounter glass washer is measured by the number of racks it can wash per hour while some might go by pints. Look into the basket dimensions as well as to estimate how many pieces of cups and glasses will fit for one washing cycle.

** Special thanks to Winterhalter for providing image depicted in this article.

** Special thanks to Winterhalter for providing image depicted in this article.