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Especially in these challenging times, it is somewhat an expectation that the next news bit we hear is something negative or challenging.

Well, on the 6th of August 2020, that was not the case. There was in fact a celebration as LEVELS Studio invited their guests to a Barbeque Cook Out party at their new office in the heart of KL.

This event marks the official launch of LEVELS Studio, a sister company of CKP Hospitality Consultants that provides bespoke F&B consultation and design services for hotels, resorts and free-standing restaurants and bars. Led by Ben Gregoire (Principal & CKP Vice President) along with Bobby Anwar (Creative Director), LEVELS Studio’s dynamic team is made up of multi-discipline designers who are food enthusiasts as much as they are creative solution providers in the hospitality design industry with years of experience, both locally and internationally. Their list of services includes F&B strategy works, design and branding all the way to project management and implementation.

Before the event, we had some time to chat with both Bobby and Ben with regards to their move away from CKP’s head office, also in KL.

Q: Why was this location chosen as the new office for LEVELS?

There was this whole strategy we’d come up with — as we do for everything we do anyway — but one of the crucial aspects we wouldn’t compromise and let up is being central, where all the action is. In order for LEVELS Studio to succeed and make the kind of impact we’ve set ourselves out to achieve locally, we needed to be positioned at the heart of the city where a concentration of existing & prospective clients, developers, restaurants & bars, and some of the major hospitality brands are at its highest. Being in constant communication with them is key however, knowing that we’re in closer proximity allows us to be connected on a different level. We prefer the human connection side of the business – hence a quick bite or a chat over a cup of coffee would seem a little less arduous.

Q: What does the move mean/represent for LEVELS?

Everything. The move was necessary from a business as well as a creative perspective. We knew from the early days of LEVELS that the space we were previously operating from was not conducive nor suitable to the type of work that we do. We needed a space that not only inspires but also one that represents the brand’s image. We understand that this is key in setting ourselves apart from what others have grown accustomed to when it comes to a design studio. We incorporated the F&B ambiance into our working space as that is essentially our brand — an F&B design studio.

Q: With the new office, what are the plans for LEVELS in 2020/2021

Our initial plans for 2020/2021 has been put on the back burner — at least a majority part of it, for obvious reasons. Despite the unpredictabilities, we needed to make this move as it was a tick on one of the boxes for us to be easily in touch – like how we’ve organised and hosted today’s event, bringing exciting personalities from our local F&B industry together centrally and where we call home now. Realistically though, our focus has to be supporting the local businesses by offering a more strategic approach to their F&B businesses and see if design and a rebranding exercise could bolster their chances as they seek to make out of this year on a more positive note.

And the refreshing breath of fresh air where the event was held certainly was a much needed boost – after being indoors with work from home implemented the last couple of months, the human contact and a chance to mingle with good drinks and food was welcome. With favourites of a barbecue served; like hotdogs and burgers being grilled at the rooftop venue, paired with a unique wine cocktail tasting by Bad Monte , the “coming out party/event” as Ben calls it was a great kick off to post Covid 19 for the industry in KL.









We congratulate the team at LEVELS Studio with their launch and opening of the new office. And thank you for stirring the hospitality spirit alive with the event!

You can reach out to the LEVELS team at

Psst.. We had some time before the event and we had a special session recorded. Stay tuned!