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OZTI: from Turkey to the WORLD

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ozti2Istanbul, Constantinople,the Ottoman empire, kebab, baklava, first coffee drinkers and Turkish delight…these things might come to mind when we speak of Turkey. A country rich in history, it is located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, making it a significantly important country for economic trade and also a focal point for the travel-hungry. Speaking of hunger; food is also a big deal and the hospitality that goes along with it is often deemed excellent – don’t be surprised if a local invites you to his / her house within an hour of meeting you. Looking at hospitality in the bigger picture; what about getting to know F&B equipment manufacturer Oztiryakiler? Or Ozti, as it is globally known.

It isn’t a new name in the industry as the late Muharrem Öztiryaki begun his career as a craftsman of cooking tools by producing teapots, buckets and food trays in the 1930s. From his 50m² store in Gerede, he moved to the capital city of Istanbul to trade and subsequently made the brand ÖZTiRYAKiLER official with the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce in 1958. Several years later, his sons joined the business and begun to channel their energies to find out what the Turkish market would need and what the world was using back then. In its early days, the company made pots and pans for the Turkish military. Due to its facilities, Ozti was also engaged to manufacture specific equipment for military kitchens which was a profitable pursuit due to the high volume required.

If you ever need any kind of kitchen equipment, particularly heavy-duty catering ones and operating within Turkey, Ozti would be your suitable partner. From its first shop, it has now founded 10 group companies involved in works such as metal goods, refrigeration, kebab machines, baking and confectioner y and other entities operating in Russia, Kazakhstan and other parts of Turkey. The leading commercial kitchen solution provider in its country, it 4 Regional Directorates, 50 agents, 80 authorised series in Turkey and serves foreign markets with its distributing channels and authorised services present in 5 continents and over 100 countries. There is no point to have 4500 products across all its product groups without support and Ozti trains your crew on the proper application of the equipment with the acceptable standards in storing, preparing, cooking, handling equipment and noting down preventive maintenance schedule.

With its footing firm in its backyard, Ozti is set to expand its reach to the world and we might expect to see an increase of its presence in Asia soon? We managed to catch up with Timucin Cevik, Export Area Manager, during the FoodHotelMalaysia 2015 exhibition where he was present to introduce Ozti’s cooking line to Malaysia. Although the company is one of top exporters of 200 companies in its home country, Timucin tells us that many still think that Ozti is a German company. Which is not entirely a bad thing considering how Germany is often associated with competent engineering and sturdy products. He thinks that Ozti can come into Asia as a partner providing European-quality products at competitive prices; to be a provider for businesses with a middle-level purchasing power yet enabling them to enjoy good quality products.

For business owners who prefer solutions under one roof, Ozti comes very close to being the partner because of its understanding of the market and coming up with a vast product group from the back-of-house to front-ofhouse. At the same time it believes in collaborating with like-minded companies to better serve customers hence; carrying products from other brands that complement business’ needs.

With regards to capacities, OZTI produces more than 20,000 cooking items on a 48,000 m2 factory comprising:

Main Kitchen
Choose what items go onto your stove top with the 900 & 700 series range:

[column type=”one-half”]• Ranges (burners)
• Pasta Cookers
• Boiling tops
• Bain-Marie
• Wok burners
• Boiling Pans[/column] [column type=”one-half” last=”true”]• Induction Cookers
• Bratt Pans
• Grills
• Worktops
• Fryers
• Base Cupboards
• Gas Solid & Electric Infrared Cooking Tops

More than 10,000 pcs/year dishwashers including the conveyor high capacity ones on a 17,000 m2 factory:

• Glasswasher
• Under Bench
• Conveyor
• Guillotine (hood-type)
• Pot washer

Refrigerator manufacturing with more than 11,000 pcs/year on a 25,000 m2 plant:

Cold Units
[column type=”one-half”]• Refrigerators
• Deep Freezers
• Freezers
• Pizza & Salad Preparation
• Blast Chillers[/column] [column type=”one-half” last=”true”] • Drink & Display
• Cold Room
• Ice Cream Machines
• Ice Machines[/column]

[column type=”one-half”]Ovens
• Convection
• Pizza
• Patisserie
• Conveyor type
• Combination

• Doner Machines
• Banquet trolleys
• Concessionary type machines

• Cleaning
• Stacking
• Storage
• Transport vessels
• Sinks fabrication[/column] [column type=”one-half” last=”true”] Preparation
• Potato & Onion Peelers
• Dough kneading
• Mixers
• Vegetable choppers
• Dough rounders
• Pasta slicing
• Vegetable washer
• Salad dryer
• Cutters

Service Gear
• Open Buffet Equipment
• Tableware
• Cooking Utensils
• Cutlery
• Knives & boards
• Gastronorm pans
• Pots & pans[/column]

In an industry where customers are flooded with choices, making an informed decision is not an easy one. Product assurance is undoubtedly essential (unless one is looking solely at budget) yet it is not something that a manufacturer would be claiming for itself. To submit its products for certification, however, is a testament of confidence and more than 2000 products are certified with globally accepted standards such as CE for European regional market, ETL and NSF for United States of America and EAC for Russia. Ozti obtained the ISO 9001 Quality System Certificate in 1998 and became one of the first companies awarded the TURQUALITY certificate by the Turkish secretariat of Foreign Trade to companies able to achieve brand performance in it’s “Creating 10 World Brands in 10 Years”project where companies selling products under their unique brand names to the international market are recognised by the government. To have achieved significant acknowledgment means a lot of work behind-the-scenes and Ozti works with some of the country’s best technical universities and TUBITAK (The Scientific & Technological Research Council of Turkey) to research and develop better project design and applications. Its innovative solutions has rendered it as one of the companies with the most certificates in the sector from the Turkish Patent Institute.

A humble beginning; one that emphasised on the importance of good craftsmanship by Muharrem Öztiryaki followed up by industrial insights and understanding on how to thrive in this industry results in a 5-point principle that the company strives to live up to through the entire process; from idea to service:
• To carry out effective market researches
• To provide continuity in our design, research and development activities
• To make use of modern production techniques
• To comply with the principles of total quality management
• To carry out efficient training programs at each unit
• To provide and expand after-sales services