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Salamander Grill

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Have a menu that calls for broiling, browning, caramelising, glazing, grilling or toasting? These are mostly methods of applying finishing touches to food before serving, rather than cooking them. Maybe you want to melt cheese on soup or sandwiches for a crusty and attractive finish; or even caramelising sugar for that important crème brûlée crust. A salamander grill will be an ideal item to have because it is capable of generating over 530° C of heat to finish the dish quickly. A long salamander broiler can sometimes be used as “pass through” equipment between kitchen and servers where the chef prepares the dish, places it inside the grill and the server removes the dish from the other side, immediately serving it to the customer.

There are hand-held salamander grills consisting of a metal rod, a wooden handle at one end and a heavy-weight wide iron disk at the other end. While this version may save space, it is not exactly very safe or practical as the iron disk needs to be preheated before use and most gas burners won’t have adequate fire power to get the disk hot enough. Therefore, commercial kitchens will select the oven-like versions that are stand-alone or wall-mounted, designed to be eye-level for easy watching against food burning considering how hot it can get in there.

Usually there is no door and the burner is mounted inside the top of the oven and comes with an adjustable and removable rack. If you have numerous items to prepare in this grill, a unit with multiple temperature controls allows the setting of different sections of the cooking chamber specific heat levels enabling preparation of more than one food item. Otherwise you can use the knobs or trigger grips to move the rack and adjust the intensity of the heat accordingly when cooking delicate items like fish or weightier things like steak. With the high heat produced, it also means a salamander grill uses more energy as they are left on and ready to work because heating it up takes considerable time. Although some units come with more than one set of heating elements, it is not necessary to turn all of them to full capacity.